MOOG has advanced motion control products: drive technology, complex control electronics and system software. We mainly provide MOOG Servo Valves and Proportional Valves. The Series including: Valves with integrated Electronics D660 Series (D661, D662, D663, D664 and D665), D633 and D634 Series, Valves without integrated Electronics: G761, G631, 72 Series.

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MOOG Servovalves and Servo-Proportional Valves are closed-loop control devices that can be single-stage, two-stage or three-stage designs. MOOG valves are electrohydraulic, continuously acting valves and with high performance that transforms a changing analog or digital input signal into a stepless hydraulic output (flow or pressure) and they contain either a mechanical or electrical feedback mechanism. The application is mainly for industrial machines, such as Material Handling, Metal Forming and Presses, Packaging Machinery, Plastics Machine Building, Robotics, and Steel Production Machinery.

Some of the advantages of MOOG servo valves include:

High accuracy: MOOG servo valves are known for their high level of accuracy in controlling fluid flow and pressure. This allows for precise positioning and movement control, making them ideal for critical applications.

  • High dynamic response: MOOG servo valves have a fast response time, meaning they can quickly and accurately adjust fluid flow and pressure in response to changing conditions. This makes them ideal for dynamic applications, such as in industrial robotics or aerospace control systems.
  • High reliability: MOOG servo valves are designed and tested to operate in demanding environments and under extreme conditions. They are built with high-quality materials and are rigorously tested to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.
  • Flexibility: MOOG servo valves are highly configurable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different applications. They can be customized to control different types of fluids, operate at different pressures, and be integrated with different types of control systems.
  • Low maintenance: MOOG servo valves are designed to require minimal maintenance, thanks to their high-quality construction and long-lasting materials. This means less downtime and lower overall maintenance costs for the user.

Moog Valves are typically used in industrial and aerospace systems where high-precision control of hydraulic actuators is required.

The Applications of Moog Valve we are good at:

Aircraft flight control systems: Moog Servo Valves are used in the hydraulic systems of aircraft to control the position and movement of the control surfaces.

Industrial automation: They are used in industrial systems to control the movement of robotic arms, blowing machines and other automated machinery.

Power generation: Moog Servo Valves are used in power generation systems to control the flow of steam or water in turbines and generators.

Metalworking: They are used in metalworking machines to control the movement of cutting tools and other components.

Test and simulation: Moog Servo Valves are also used in test and simulation applications, such as automotive crash testing, to control the movement of hydraulic actuators.


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