HEIDENHAIN is a German company that produces high-precision measurement and control equipment, including linear and rotary encoders, digital readouts, and numerical controls. Their encoders are widely used in a variety of industries, including machine tool, semiconductor, and automation. HEIDENHAIN encoders are known for their high accuracy, reliability, and durability.
How many Series of HEIDENHAIN Encoders?
HEIDENHAIN encoder types can be concluded as follows:
Category Description
Incremental Encoders Two-phase encoders, Three-phase encoders, Zero-reset encoders
Absolute Encoders Single-turn absolute encoders, Multi-turn absolute encoders
Absolute Encoders with Electronic Multiturn Absolute encoders with electronic multiturn
Angle Encoders Magnetic modular angle encoders, Rotary encoders, Angle encoders with integral bearing
Linear Encoders Grating linear encoders, Linear encoders with integral guide
Other Encoder Types Encoders with integral bearings, Encoders with integral bearings, Machine-code encoders
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What we should know before choosing a Heidenhain Encoder?

Choosing the right HEIDENHAIN encoder depends on a number of factors, including the specific application requirements and the type of encoder needed. Here are some general guidelines for choosing HEIDENHAIN encoders:

  • Determine the encoder type: HEIDENHAIN offers a wide range of encoder types, each type has different capabilities and is designed for different applications, so it's important to choose the right type for your specific needs.
  • Confirm the encoder resolution: The encoder resolution refers to the number of counts or pulses per revolution or per unit of distance. Higher resolution encoders offer greater precision, but may also be more expensive. It's important to choose an encoder with a resolution that is appropriate for your application requirements.
  • Confirm encoder interface: HEIDENHAIN encoders use a variety of interface protocols, including EnDat, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic. It's important to choose an encoder with an interface that is compatible with your control system.
  • Consider environmental factors: Encoders may be subject to harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, humidity, or vibration. HEIDENHAIN offers encoders with different levels of environmental protection, so it's important to choose an encoder that can withstand the conditions in your application.
If you can not be sure about your parameters in need, you have to turn to your engineer for support.
How to confirm the resolution of an encoder?
Many customers will ask us how to confirm the resolution of an encoder, we have a blog article, which explain this quetion very well, please refer to this link : "What are the definitions of grating period, signal period, measuring step and resolution of optical scales?"
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