We can provide Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200, SIMATIC S7-300 PLC, SIMATIC S7-200 C, SIMATIC S7-400, SIMATIC S7-1500,6ES series, 6EP Series, SIMATIC TDC 6DD series with attractive prices and delivery conditions. We aim to be your trusted supplier of SIEMENS articles.
SIEMENS Automation technology includes: SIMATIC Industrial Automation Systems, SIMOTION Motion Control System, SINUMERIK CNC automation systems, and System cabling/control cabinets.
SIEMENS industry automation line series can be concluded as follows:
Siemens Simatic S7 Simens Sinamics Simens Sinamics Siemens Motors Siemens Micromaster Siemens Sinumerik Siemens Sinumerik
Simatic Logo! Sinamics G110 Sinamics S120 Siemens 1FK-Motoren Micromaster 420   Sinumerik 840 Sinumerik 802
Simatic Logo! 8 Sinamics G110 Sinamics S120 1FK6 Micromaster 430   Sinumerik 840C Sinumerik 802C
Simatic S7-200  Sinamics G110D Sinamics S150 1FK7 Micromaster 440  Sinumerik 840D Sinumerik 802D
Simatic S7-300 Sinamics G110M Sinamics S150 Siemens 1FT-Motoren 6SE Sinumerik 840D sl Sinumerik 802S
Simatic S7-400 Sinamics G120 Sinamics V20 1FT5   Sinumerik 840Di Sinumerik 805
Simatic S7-1200 Sinamics G120 Sinamics V20 1FT6   Sinumerik 840Di sl Sinumerik 805
Simatic S7-1500 Sinamics G120C Sinamics V60 1FT7   Sinumerik 850 Sinumerik 808
Simatic ET200 Sinamics G120D Sinamics V60 Siemens 1HU-Motoren   Sinumerik 850 Sinumerik 808
6AV Sinamics G120P Sinamics V90 1HU   Sinumerik 880 Sinumerik 810
6ES7 Sinamics G130 Sinamics V90     Sinumerik 880 Sinumerik 810
  Sinamics G130 6SL      Sinumerik System 3 Sinumerik 810D
Siemens TDC Sinamics G150       Sinumerik 3M Sinumerik 820
CPU555 Sinamics G150       Sinumerik 3T Sinumerik 820
CPU551 Sinamics G180       6FC  Sinumerik 828
MC5xx program memory module Sinamics G180       6FX  Sinumerik 828
communications module Sinamics S110          
SM500 DI/DQ I/O module Sinamics S110          
GlobalDataMemory Sinamics V90/V80/V60          
UR6021 rack Sinamics S120          
6DD  6SL           
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