Feb 28, 2022

The advantages and disadvantages of automation systems is a large category, and the advantages and disadvantages can be transformed in different environments. B&R, Beckhoff, Siemens, Mitsubishi, these brands are all good at PLC and PC control brands. It can mainly be discussed from the aspects of: real-time, openness, communication methods and algorithms of operating systems and software systems.


B&R's operating system is VX Works, which is itself a real-time system. The guarantee of real-time performance in automation applications is a matter of life and death.

Beckhoff is based on the Windows operating system, but the Windows system itself is a non-real-time system, which is theoretically not suitable for industrial control (imagine the production line suddenly freezes like you are operating some large online games), in this regard, Beckhoff With exclusive Windows operating system and Twincat control software system resource matching function, and priority setting function, it can ensure that even if Windows crashes, Twincat still runs normally.


Beckhoff's control adopts the form of soft PLC, and the operations of control software and system software are all placed on the CPU of the industrial computer, and the openness is the best. Siemens, B&R, and Mitsubishi are all dedicated controls.

Communication method:

Siemens' Profinet is generally applicable. Basically, it is a set of solutions based on its own slave stations. Beckhoff's Ethercat is the most popular communication method since the concept of Industry 4.0 has been hyped. Mitsubishi's cc-Link is almost the only influential communication protocol in Asia, and many Japanese and domestic servos support cc-Link.


Siemens is definitely the best century-old leader in the combination of algorithm, craftsmanship and stability. Of course, the price is not beautiful. B&R is good at making process encapsulation in specific fields. Beckhoff is a platform-based product that requires customers to carry out secondary development by themselves. The control algorithm of the Japanese system is not as good as that of the European system, but fortunately, it is very cost-effective and can meet most of the basic requirements.


From these four aspects, customers can according to their own demand to choose which brand would be the best choice.

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