Jan 29, 2023
Compared with forest management in Northern Europe and Canada, Chinese forestry is somewhat naive in terms of sustainable management. Over the past 30 years, indiscriminate logging and poor management have caused many of China's forests to decline extensively. At the same time, China's 4.5 billion mu of forest land red line has been "threatened" at times. Large plantations of fast-growing forests are also facing problems such as pests.
However, the development of sustainable forest industry is a bend that China's forestry industry cannot get around. Because, many downstream business giants have started to join hands to boycott illegally cut timber materials. Four major European retailers, including Carrefour, Crest, IKEA and Marks & Spencer, have announced that they will work together to form a timber retail alliance to promote responsible sourcing practices and stop the flow of illegally logged timber into the European market as much as possible. The Japanese market has also imposed strict controls on paper raw materials. Companies such as Tetra Pak have also locked the source of raw materials in the range of authoritatively certified sustainably managed forests. This is undoubtedly for many Chinese wood suppliers have erected a high "green barriers". China's forest management to achieve sustainable development, may be a matter of time, but the formation of a number of professional technology and scale of the system is a relatively sound local equipment manufacturers is the source of all forest industry sustainable development.
There are many types of forest industry equipment, and logging machines are only one of them, and the key part of logging machines is the design and production of logging heads. This article starts with the logging head industry and gives a brief introduction to foreign logging head brands and the classification and structure of logging heads.
Common logging head brands currently being imported into the country include
  1. John Deere (John Deere) American agricultural machinery giant. Felling Heads include: Felling Heads, Harvesting Heads, Waratah Heads
  2. Ponsse PONSSE Finnish brand. Professional forestry machinery large, the market share is not low, belong to the high-end products.
  3. Komatsu (KOMATSU) Japanese brand, forestry machinery is one of the divisions, Europe and the United States market share is not high.
  4. Other logging head manufacturers worldwide.
    Logging head complete machines
    SP Maskiner Sweden
    QUADCO Canada
    Tigercat Canada
    KESLA Finland
    AFMForest Finland
    NAARVA Finland
    Chain saw systems.
    HULTDINGS Sweden
    NAARVA Finland
    Lug rotation system: Indexator Sweden
The felling head mainly consists of the following in terms of structural composition
  • Drive valve set
  • Lug: (connected to the digger arm)
  • Clamping jaws/branch beater: (clamping the trunk, interrupting the side branches when feeding)
  • Feeding wheel set: (drive wood back and forth, each wheel with a motor) conventional with two groups, three groups, advanced with six groups
  • Hydraulic chain saw: (conventional with a chain saw, high-end first and last one each)
The main brands used in hydraulic components include:
PARKER, VICKERS, REXROTH, POCLAIN, DANFOSS, etc. The specific applications and supporting hydraulic components will be introduced in future articles.
We will show more details about the hydraulic parts for the logging industry in further articles.
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