Jan 26, 2022
What Is a Hydraulic System | How Does The Hydraulic System Work?
 Hydraulic systems are very common systems in industrial life. The liquid can be regarded as incompressible, the closed pressurized liquid can be regarded as a rigid body, and the closed pressurized liquid column is like a solid, which can transmit force, motion and power.
Hydraulic systems have many advantages. It has a simple structure and is suitable for high-power, heavy-weight and heavy-duty work. At the same time, the size of the hydraulic system is relatively small and easy to arrange. Due to relying on oil pressure for transmission, the hydraulic system is suitable for transmission movements over longer distances. Selecting the hydraulic system for transmission can easily achieve long-distance, large-load, safe and convenient operation, and also avoid many limitations such as space and structure of mechanical transmission. In addition, the hydraulic system can also easily realize electrification control. With the continuous improvement of the world's industrial automation level, the hydraulic system can be better and faster to integrate into the trend of the industrial revolution because of its own easy-to-control characteristics.
So how does the hydraulic system work? The hydraulic system generally includes some of the following systems, motors, hydraulic pumps, control valves, actuators, hydraulic oil tanks, oil pipes, oil, etc. In simple terms, the prime mover powers the hydraulic system, drives the hydraulic pump, and pumps the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank to the actuator. During the pumping process, the oil circuit returns to the control valve, and the control valve controls the actuator through a series of actions.
In life, the hydraulic system that we have been exposed to the longest is the braking system of the car. Friends who have done car maintenance may know that car brake fluid is an important item of maintenance. In fact, the brake oil is the hydraulic oil of the brake system. The rotation of the car engine will drive the hydraulic pump of the car brake system to send the oil to the brake caliper. The brake caliper is like the actuator of the brake system. When you step on the brake, the proportional valve receives the information of the brake and controls the flow of hydraulic pressure, thereby controlling the locking degree of the brake caliper. Finally achieve the purpose of braking.
To give another inappropriate example, the hydraulic system can be analogous to the human body. The hydraulic pump is the human heart, which pumps blood to various muscle parts of the body. Of course, the muscles are the executive elements of the action. This activity is controlled by the brain (the control valve). Of course, the human system will be much more complex, but this is easy for everyone to understand.
You can look at a simple hydraulic system for lifting a load:
- The directional control valve consists of a main valve and a small remote control pilot valve;
- The pilot valve is set in the most convenient and safe operating position;
- Through remote control, it can ensure the smooth running of the load and the precise control.
Of course, the hydraulic system also has some defects of its own, such as: noise; external leakage will cause environmental pollution, even a small amount of mineral oil leakage will destroy a large area of surface water; easily polluted, the pollutants in the hydraulic working medium will cause Deterioration of medium, wear of components, and deterioration of system performance; sensitive to ambient temperature, high or low temperature will affect or even destroy the reliability of components and performance of the system; the gas in the hydraulic oil will destroy the rigidity of the system and cause gas cavities, resulting in damage to the hydraulic pump and other hydraulic components.
Good hydraulic components are an important guarantee to ensure the smooth operation of the hydraulic system. At present, the Chinese domestic hydraulic technology has been relatively developed, especially for large companies such as Sany Heavy Industry and Zoomlion, the design and production level of engineering hydraulics are already very high. However, compared with the old industrial powers, there is still a certain gap. Foreign brands such as REXROTH, PARKER, HAWE, BUCHER, etc. are well-known hydraulic component companies, and they will provide a strong guarantee for the hydraulic system.
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