High-Quality Glass Discs and Glass Scales are the basics to guarantee the measuring accuracy of an Encoder. Our OstBridge team can play the role of your solution provider of Optical Glass Discs and Class Scales for Encoders. If you are an Encoder manufacturer or you want to develop new customized encoders, we can provide Glass discs available in up to 400 mm diameters and a variety of different material and pattern specifications depending on the requirements.
Linear scales are available in lengths of up to 3400 mm! Wide selection of substrate materials includes float glass, BK7, optical glass, ceramics, aluminum oxide, as well as low coefficient of thermal expansion options like quartz glass, borosilicate, Robux, zerodur and others. 
We have supplied discs to different industries including medical equipment, factory automation, radars, encoders, military, defense, etc.
Depending on the industry and application, different specifications of linear scales can be selected to better suit customer needs.
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