Glass Disc and Scales

Ensuring the measuring accuracy of an encoder relies on the use of high-quality glass discs and glass scales. At OstBridge, we specialize in providing optical glass discs and glass scales as a comprehensive solution for encoder manufacturers and those seeking to develop customized encoders. Our wide range of offerings includes glass discs available in diameters up to 400 mm, with various material and pattern specifications tailored to specific requirements.

Our linear scales are available in lengths of up to 3400 mm, offering flexibility for diverse applications. We offer an extensive selection of substrate materials, including float glass, BK7, optical glass, ceramics, aluminum oxide, as well as low coefficient of thermal expansion options such as quartz glass, borosilicate, Robux, zerodur, and others. This ensures that we can cater to different customer needs, depending on the industry and application.

With a proven track record, we have supplied glass discs to a range of industries, including medical equipment, factory automation, radars, encoders, military, and defense. Our expertise allows us to provide tailored specifications of linear scales to suit specific customer requirements, ensuring optimal performance and precision.

Relative Brands of Linear Encoder:
Create your own Encoders
using precise glass discs and scales.
  • -Vast expertise in Encoder applications
    If you want to create your own encoder product, you will need manufacturing support for professional optical code discs and optical scales. We are your best choice.

  • -Strong engineer and sales team
    When you share your specific requirements with us, the OstBridge team will conduct a thorough analysis of essential factors such as resolution, accuracy, speed, environmental conditions, and interface compatibility. By carefully considering these parameters, we will offer you personalized recommendations for a glass discs or scales that precisely matches your needs.

  • -One-stop Encoder Solution
    Optical glass discs and glass scales are the core components and core technologies of optical encoders. The manufacturing process requires a sophisticated production chain and skilled engineers. Based on providing complete encoder products, we also offer selection services for optical glass discs and scales to meet the diverse needs of customers in various industries and provide the best solutions.
Application of Glass Discs and Glass Scales
Encoder Products
Basic knowledge of Glass Discs and Scales:
How to choose encoder glass discs?

To choose the glass discs and scales for encoder, we have to consider:

  • -Consider the required resolution and accuracy for your application.
  • -Assess the signal quality, ensuring minimal noise and reliable data output.
  • -Evaluate the glass disc's suitability for the environmental conditions.
  • -Check compatibility with mounting options and electrical interfaces.
  • -Look for durability and longevity to ensure long-term reliability.
  • -Consider the cost and balance it with the required performance.
What are the key parameters to consider?

We have to consider key parameters of glass discs and scales as follows:

Parameter Description
Graduation Pitch Distance between each graduation mark on the glass disc or scale
Number of Graduations Total number of marks or divisions on the glass disc or scale
Subdivision Factor Number of signal periods per graduation mark
Signal Period Physical length of one complete cycle of the signal produced by the disc/scale
Index Mark Specific mark used as a reference point for position determination
Signal Output Type of electrical output signal produced by the disc/scale
Coating and Protection Coating or protective measures for durability and resistance
Material and Construction Material used and construction quality of the disc/scale
Size and Mounting Physical dimensions and mounting options of the disc/scale
Environmental Considerations Ability to withstand temperature, humidity, dust, and vibration
What glass materials are available for glass discs and glass scales?

The main materials include:

  • -Strictly quality float glass
  • -Optical special glass
  • -Quartz Glass
  • -Zero expansion ceramics
  • -Borosilicate glass
  • -Aluminium oxide material
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