OstBridge provide hydraulic spare parts for your hydraulic systems. Pumps, Valves, motors, filteration for REXROTH, EATON/VICHERS, PARKRE, ATOS, HAWE, MOOG, WANDFLUH
A CNC retrofit project involves upgrading an existing manual machine tool to a computer numerical control (CNC) system. This conversion enables the machine to be operated automatically and with precise control, allowing for increased accuracy, repeatability, and efficiency in machining operations.  
OstBridge provide glass discs available in up to 400 mm diameters and disc hubs and provide coating according to custom requirements. Application such as: Encoders, Medical Equipment, Automation & Motion Control, CNC Machines, Defense & Military, High Precision Machine Tools.
OstBridge provide Control cabinet construction and customer-specific solutions and also protection technology for SIEMENS, B&R, ABB, PILZ, Switching technology/Circuit Breakers/Cables.
Marine port machinery refers to the equipment and machinery used in ports and harbors for various tasks related to cargo handling, vessel operations, and port infrastructure maintenance. These machines play a crucial role in ensuring efficient and smooth operations within ports and are designed to handle heavy loads and withstand harsh marine environments.
Industrial machines refer to a wide range of machinery and equipment used in manufacturing and industrial processes. These machines are designed to automate and optimize various tasks, leading to increased productivity, efficiency, and precision. The common types of industrial machines are: Packaging Machines, Printing and Press Machines, Textile Machinery, Metalworking Machines.
The mobile hydraulic industry is a sector that focuses on the design, manufacturing, and distribution of hydraulic systems and components for mobile applications. Hydraulic systems use fluid power to generate, control, and transmit forces and motions to perform various tasks in mobile equipment and machinery.