Motion Control Solutions

Motion control solutions encompass a range of technologies and components that enable precise control and automation of motion in various applications. These solutions are utilized in industries such as manufacturing, robotics, automotive, aerospace, and more.

The open linear encoders, rotary and angle encoders modules, encoder glass discs and scales can be used in motion control solutions.
We provide glass discs available in up to 400 mm diameters and a variety pattern specification depending on the requirements. We provide disc hubs and provide coating according to custom requirements.

Application such as: Encoders, Medical Equipment, Automation & Motion Control, CNC Machines, Defense & Military, High Precision Machine Tools.

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Application Cases

DD Motors:
When it comes to a DD (Direct Drive) motor, an encoder module is commonly used to provide feedback and enable precise control of the motor's position, speed, and direction. The encoder module is typically mounted on the motor shaft and works in conjunction with the motor's rotor to track its rotation and position. Precizika encoder module and glass discs is a ideal Partner to provide solutions to DD motors.
Linear Motors:

A linear encoder is commonly used in conjunction with a linear motor to provide precise position feedback and control. It helps in accurately tracking the linear displacement of the moving part in a linear motor system. Different types of linear encoders can be used with linear motors, including optical encoders, magnetic encoders, and inductive encoders. These encoders generate electrical signals based on the linear displacement of the moving part, allowing the control system to accurately determine its position.

RSF MC15 and MS 15 series, we have successful cases in linear motor application..