MOOG stands out with its exceptional precision, reliability, and advanced technology, offering industry-leading motion control solutions for a wide range of applications.

MOOG is a leading provider of advanced motion control products, including drive technology, sophisticated control electronics, and system software. Our focus lies in offering a comprehensive range of MOOG Servo Valves and Proportional Valves. This includes the D660 Series (D661, D662, D663, D664, and D665) with integrated electronics, the D633 and D634 Series, as well as valves without integrated electronics such as the G761, G631, and 72 Series.

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The main Series of Moog

MOOG offers a diverse range of series encompassing advanced motion control products, including drive technology, complex control electronics, and system software. Our primary focus is on providing exceptional MOOG Servo Valves and Proportional Valves.

Servo Valves:
MOOG Servo valves and Servo-Proportional Valves are closed-loop control devices that can be single-stage, two-stage or three-stage designs. MOOG valves are electrohydraulic, continuously acting valves and with high performance that transforms a changing analog or digital input signal into a stepless hydraulic output (flow or pressure) and they contain either a mechanical or electrical feedback mechanism. The application is mainly for industrial machines, such as Material Handling, Metal Forming and Presses, Packaging Machinery, Plastics Machine Building, Robotics, and Steel Production Machinery.

MOOG Main Series
Name description Types Series ID examples

Industrial Servo valves and Servo-Proportional Valves

Flow Control Valves D636 and D637  
Direct-Operated Servo Valves D633 and D634  
D636 and D637  
D936 and D937  
Flow Control Valve with Analog Interface G761 and -761 G761-3005B
Direct-Operated Flow Control for Analog Signals G631 and 631 G631-3006B


Item ID usually in need
XEB-18550-022M01 D662-4049    
XEB18550-007M01 D662-4014    
XEB17988-000-01 D662-4010    
XEB17365-000-01 D662-1943E    
XEB17364-000-01 D661Z571C    
G761-3502B D661-6460CG35 HOAA4VSX2HA    
G761-3033B D661-6460C    
G761-3024B D661-6428E G15KBC06NSX2HA    
G761-3009B D661-6405C    
G761-3008B D661-4923P 80HAAM7NSX2-A    
G761-3005B(S63JOGM4VPL) D661-4900/ P60HAAM4VSX2-A    
G761-3005B D661-4770    
G761-3004B D661-4697C    
G761-3003B(H19JOGM4VPL) D661-4652    
G761-3003B D661-4651    
G761-3002B(H10JOFM4VPL) D661-4636    
G761-3002B D661-4594C    
G761-3001B D661-4591E  G45HOCA4VSX2HO    
G631-3806B H60FOFM4VBR D661-4577C-G45H0AA4VSX2HA    
G631-3008B D661-4577C-G45H0AA4VSX2HA    
G631-3006B H75JOFM4VBR D661-4577C    
G631-3005B D661-4561C    
G631-3004B H40J0FM4VBR D661-4546C    
G631-3003A(H20JOFM4VBR) D661-4538C    
G122-829A001 D661-4519C    
G122-829A001 D661-4506C    
G122-829-001 D661-4495E    
G040-124-002 D661-4444C    
D957-2003-10 D661-4375B    
D956Z8003-10 D661-4359C/ G35J0AA5VSX2HA    
D956-2003-10HPR18A1RKP100LM28F2Z00 D661-4303E    
D955-2017-10 D661-4209    
D955-2013-10 D661-4070    
D955-2003-10 D661-4033    
D953-2039-10 D634Z1022    
D951-2007-10 D634-514A    
D792-4013 D634-381C R24K02MOVSP2    
D791-5017 D634-374C    
D791-4028S25JOQB6VSX2-B D634-341C    
D765-1099G D663Z4323K P03JONF6VSX2-A    
D765-1096 D663Z4307K    
D761-4361BS63KOGA5VPL D663Z4305K    
D691Z2086G D663-4007    
D691-2702G D662Z4334K P01JOMF6VSX2-A    
D691-072D-6 D662Z4311K P01JXMF6VSX2-A    
D681-4036P60HAUF5VSX2-A D662-4308K    
D665-4753P15HAJM6SEA2-E D6624307K    
D664-4707 D662-4141    
D662-4069B D662-4102    
Applications of MOOG Valves:

Moog Valves are typically used in industrial and aerospace systems where high-precision control of hydraulic actuators is required.
MOOG servo valves offer several advantages:

  • -High accuracy
  • -High dynamic response
  • -High reliability
  • -Flexibility
  • -Low maintenance
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