Jun 26, 2024

EMG Servo Valve: Hydraulic Output Control




The EMG Servo ValveSV 1-10 is designed to control hydraulic output, specifically volume flow, in direct proportion to an electrical input value. This control is achieved by maintaining a constant pressure drop over the internal control edges of the valve.

Key Features and Functionality

Proportional Control

The SV 1-10 servo valve is engineered to provide precise control over the hydraulic output flow based on the electrical input signal. This proportional relationship ensures that the output flow rate can be finely tuned according to the requirements of the system.

Constant Pressure Drop

A critical feature of the SV 1-10 is its ability to maintain a constant pressure drop across its internal control edges. This constant pressure drop is essential for ensuring consistent performance and accuracy in the flow control, regardless of fluctuations in the system pressure.

High Precision

By regulating the hydraulic output with high precision, the SV 1-10 servo valve is suitable for applications that require meticulous flow control. This makes it ideal for use in various industrial and automotive systems where accurate hydraulic management is crucial.

Reliable Performance

The robust design of the SV 1-10 ensures reliable performance under various operating conditions. Its ability to maintain a constant pressure drop helps in achieving stable and predictable flow control, which is vital for system efficiency and safety.


Industrial Automation

In industrial automation, precise control of hydraulic systems is necessary for the accurate operation of machinery and equipment. The SV 1-10 valve provides the necessary control to achieve this precision.

Automotive Systems

The automotive industry benefits from the SV 1-10 servo valve in applications such as power steering, braking systems, and other hydraulic controls that require reliable and proportional flow management.


In aerospace applications, where exact control of hydraulic systems is critical, the SV 1-10 ensures that the flow rates are accurately regulated, contributing to the overall safety and performance of the aircraft systems.


The EMG Servo Valve SV 1-10 is a highly precise and reliable component for controlling hydraulic output flow in proportion to an electrical input signal. Its ability to maintain a constant pressure drop over the internal control edges ensures consistent and accurate flow control, making it an essential component in various high-performance hydraulic systems.


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