Industrial Machines

Industrial machines refer to a wide range of machinery and equipment used in manufacturing and industrial processes. These machines are designed to automate and optimize various tasks, leading to increased productivity, efficiency, and precision. The common types of industrial machines are: Packaging Machines, Printing and Press Machines, Textile Machinery, Metalworking Machines.

We provide hydraulic components different hydraulic systems in industrial machines, such as Pumps, Valves, motors, filteration ect.

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  • HAWE
  • MOOG

Case examples:

Moog Servo Valves in Blowing Machines:

Blow molding is a manufacturing process used to produce hollow plastic parts. Servo valves play a crucial role in controlling the hydraulic pressure and flow to actuate the blowing mechanism. The servo valve precisely controls the movement of the blow pins and the timing of the blow air, ensuring accurate and consistent expansion of the plastic material into the desired shape.

The Moog G631 is a high-performance servo valve designed to provide precise control over hydraulic systems, making it suitable for applications that require accurate and responsive actuation. In blowing machines, the Moog G631 servo valve can be used in Blowing Mechanism Control and Mold Clamping.

Rexroth valve in Die casting machines:

Rexroth valves are commonly used in die casting machines to control the hydraulic systems involved in the die casting process. Die casting machines require precise and reliable control over hydraulic pressure and flow to ensure accurate casting, efficient operation, and consistent quality.

Rexroth 4WR and 4WRA Series of proportional directional control valves are employed in casting machines to provide accurate control over hydraulic flow rates and directions. They enable precise positioning and control of hydraulic actuators and components.

Rexroth M-3SED, M-4SE, and M-4WEH Series of directional control valves are utilized in casting machines for controlling the flow direction and actuation of hydraulic cylinders. They offer robust performance and precise control, enabling accurate movements of machine elements.


Besides the hydraulic components, many electronic components are widely used in industrial machine, such as Packaging Machines, Printing and Press Machines, Textile Machinery.

Relative Brands:
B&R module in package machines and textile machinery:

B&R's modules are known for their reliability, performance, and compatibility with their automation and control systems. They contribute to the overall efficiency, productivity, and flexibility of package machines and textile machinery. B&R's motion control modules provide precise and coordinated control over the motion and positioning of machine components in package machines and textile machinery.

In Textile machinery, the ACOPOS series comprises servo drives and motors designed for precise motion control in textile machines. These drives and motors offer high dynamics, accuracy, and flexibility, enabling smooth and synchronized movement of machine components such as spinning rollers, weaving mechanisms, and material feeding systems.