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B&R Automation, an Austrian company, specializes in manufacturing a wide range of products for the automation industry. Their comprehensive product lineup encompasses Industrial PCs, HMI, PLC systems, I/O systems, Safety Technology, Motion Control, and Software. With these offerings, B&R is capable of delivering complete solutions for machine and system automation, catering to all the requirements of the industry.

Our company has successfully executed various projects involving B&R Automation in multiple industries, including Textile, Food & Beverage, Maritime & Offshore Packaging, and Plastics. These projects demonstrate our expertise and capability in implementing B&R solutions to enhance automation and efficiency in these sectors. Additionally, to ensure prompt service to our customers, we maintain stocks of B&R goods, enabling fast delivery and seamless support.

B&R main series
Name description Series ID examples
Industrial PCs Automation PC3100 5APC3100XXXX
Automation PC3100 mobile 5MPC3100.K038-000
Automation PC2200 2100 5APC2200.AL02-0005APC2100XXX
Automation PC910 5PC910.SX01-00
Panel PC1200 5PPC1200.0702-10A
HMI Automation Panel 5000 5AP5120.1505-000
Automation Panel multi-touch 5AP1130.0702-000
Automation Panel single-touch 5AP1120.0573-000
Automation Panel-Hygienicstainless steel design 5AP1120.0702-I00
AutomationPanel-Hygienicstainless steel design, swingarm 5AP92D.1505-I00
PLC Systems X20 System X20XXXXXX
X90 mobile control system X90XXXXXX
I/O Systems X20 System X20XXXXXX
X67 System X67XXXXXX
Motion Control ACOPOS 8V1010.00-2
8WS Aservo motors 8WSAXXXXXX
8WSB gear motors 8WSBXXXXXX
8LVA synchronous motors 8LVAXXXXXXX
8LVB gear motors 8LVBXXXXXXX
8LWA synchronous motors 8LWAXXXXXX
8LS synchronous motors 8LSXXXXXXXX
8LSN synchronous motors 8LSNXXXXXXX
8JSA synchronous motors 8JSAXXXXXXX
X20IF1072 X20AI2622 X20DM9324
X20CS1030 X20AI4622 X20PD0012
X20DC2395 X20AI4632 X20PS9400
X20DC2396 X20AI8321 X20PS2100
X20DO9322 X20AT4222 X20PS3300
X20HB2881 X20AT6402 X20BC80G3
X20HB1882 X20AO2622 X20HB28G0
X20HB8880 X20AO4622 X20IF1030
X20HB8815 X20BC0063 X20IF1041-1
X20PS9400 X20BC1083 X20IF1061-1
X20PS8002 X20BT9100 X20IF2792
X20cPS2100 X20BT9400 X20SI4100
X20TBIF X20BR9300 X20SI4110
X20TB12 X30CM8281 X20SC2432
X20CBM01 X20CS1030 X20SD1207
X20BM11 X20CS1070 X20CP1583
X20CP1585 X20DC1196 X20CP1584
X20SO4110 X20DC1198 X20CP3584
X20IF1082-2 X20DC2396 X20CP1585
X20ATC402 X20DI4371 X20CP3585
X20DC2190 X20DI4372 X20CP1586
X20CP1483 X20DI8371 X20CP3586
X20BM33 X20DI9371 X20BM01
X20DC137A X20DIF371 X20BM11
X20BC8083 X20DO2322 X20BB80
X20BC0043-10 X20DO4322 X20TB12
X20SO2110 X20DO4332 X20TB1F
X20MK0201 X20DO4649 X67DC1198
X20BB80 X20DO6529  
4PP380.1043-K03 X20DO9322  
4PP482.1043-75 X20DOF322  
B&R Automation has gained a strong reputation for delivering comprehensive industrial automation solutions across various industries, with a notable presence in the plastics sector. The main series of B&R automation include:

  • -X20 Series: The X20 series encompasses a comprehensive range of modular I/O systems, including digital and analog I/O modules, communication modules, and specialty modules. These modules are designed to provide flexible and scalable solutions for various automation applications.

  • -ACOPOS Series: The ACOPOS series offers advanced servo drives and motion control solutions for precise and dynamic motion control applications. These drives support various motor types and provide advanced functionalities for precise positioning, synchronization, and velocity control.

  • -Automation Panel Series: The Automation Panel series includes rugged industrial HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces) with various display sizes and touchscreen capabilities. These HMIs provide intuitive interfaces for operators to monitor and control automation processes efficiently.

Applications of B&R
  • -Food and Beverage Industry: BR Automation's automation solutions are used in the production of food and beverage products, including packaging, filling, and labeling machines.

  • -Pharmaceutical Industry: BR Automation provides automation solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, including production lines for tablets, capsules, and other pharmaceutical products.

  • -Energy Industry: BR Automation's automation solutions are used in the production of energy-related products, such as wind turbines, solar panels, and battery systems.
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