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HEIDENHAIN is a renowned provider of high-precision measurement and control solutions for a wide range of industries. With a strong focus on accuracy and reliability, HEIDENHAIN products, including linear and rotary encoders, digital readouts, and CNC controls, are trusted by manufacturers worldwide for their exceptional performance and technological innovation. From machine tooling to semiconductor manufacturing, HEIDENHAIN's advanced solutions play a crucial role in enabling precise measurement and control in various industrial applications.

With years of cooperation with HEIDENHAIN China, our Ostbridge team are very familiar and professional with all HEIDENHAIN products series and application market. No matter your are looking for a stock item or absolute component, or choose a new item to match your equipment, we will be your right choice to cooperate with.

The main Series of HEIDENHAIN
HEIDENHAIN main Series
Name description Encoder types Series ID examples
Sealed linear encoders Absolute linear encoders LC 100 LC115 LC185 LC195S LC195F LC195M LC195P
LC 400 LC415, LC485, LC495S, LC495F, LC595M, LC495P
LC 200 LC211, LC281, LC291F, LC291M
Incremental linear encoder LB 383 LB383
LF 185 LF185
LF 485 LC485
LS 100 LS187, LS177
LS 400 LS487, LS477
Exposed linear encoders Absolute linear encoders LIC 4100 LIC 4113, LIC 4193, LIC 4115, LIC 4195, LIC 4119FS
LIC 3100  
LIC 2100 LIC 2117, LIC 2197, LIC 2119, LIC 2199
Incremental linear encoders LIP 200 LIP 211, LIP 281, LIP 291
LIP 6000 LIP 6071, LIP 6081
LIF 400 LIF 471, LIF 481
LIDA 400 LIDA 473, LIDA 483, LIDA 475, LIDA 485, LIDA 477, LIDA 487, LIDA 479, LIDA 489
LIDA 200 LIDA 277, LIDA 287, LIDA 279, LIDA 289
Angle encoders with integral bearing Absolute angle encoders RCN 2001 and RCN 5001 RCN2380, RCN2580, RCN2310, RCN2510, RCN2390F, RCN2590F, RCN2390M, RCN2590M
RCN5380, RCN5580, RCN53101, RCN5510, RCN5390F, RCN5590F, RCN5390M, RCN5590M
RCN 8001 RCN8380, RCN8580, RCN83101, RCN85101, RCN8390F, RCN8390M,
RCN 6000  
ECN 2000  
ROC 2000  
ROC 7000 ROC7310, ROC7380, ROC7390F, ROC7390M
Incremental angle encoders RON 785, RON 786, RON 886, and RPN 886 RON786, RON886,
ROD 200 series ROD220, ROD270, ROD280
ROD 780 and ROD 880 ROD 780, ROD 880
Modular angle encoders Absolute angle encoders ECA 4000 ECA 4412, ECA 4492F, ECA 4492M
ECM 2400  
Incremental angle encoders ERA 4000 ERA4280C, ERA4480C, ER 4880C
ERM 2000 ERM2280, ERM2420, ERM2480, ERM2410
ERP 1000 ERP1070, ERP1080
ERO 2000  
Angle encoder modules Absolute modules MRP  
Incremental modules MRS 2200  
SRP 5000  
External rotary encoders Absolute rotary encoders ECN/EQN 1000 ECN1013, EQN1025, ECN1023, EQN1035,
ECN/EQN 400 ECN413, EQN425, ECN425, EQN437, EQN435
ECN 100 ECN 113 ECN 125
ROC/ROQ 1000 AT1218, AT1217, AT3018, AT3017
ROC/ROQ 400 ROC 413
Incremental rotary encoders ERN 1000 ERN1020, ERN1030, ERN1070, ERN1080
ERN 400 ERN430, ERN480
ERN 100 ERN120, ERN130, ERN180
ROD 1000 ROD1020, ROD1030, ROD1070, ROD1080,
ROD 400 ROD426, ROD466, ROD436, ROD486
ROD 600  
Internal rotary encoders Absolute rotary encoders ECN/EQN 1100 ECN 1113, EQN 1125, ECN 1123, EQN 1135
ECN/EQN 1300 ECN 1313, EQN 1325, ECN 1325, EQN 1337, ECN1324S, EQN 1336S
ECI/EBI/EQI 1100 1300 ECI 11191, ECI 13191, EQI 11311, EQI 13311
ECI/EBI 100 ECI 119, EBI 135
ECI/EBI 4000  
Incremental rotary encoders ERN 1300 ERN 1123
ERN 1023 ERN 1023
ERN 1123 ERN 1123
Length gauges Incremental length gauges METRO MT1271, MT1281, MT1287, MT2571, MT2581, MT2587, MT60M, MT60K, MT101M, MT101K
SPECTO ST1278, ST1288, ST1277, ST1287, ST3078, ST3088, ST3077, ST3087
CERTO CT2501, CT2502, CT6001, CT6002
Absolute length gauges ACANTO AT1218, AT1217, AT3018, AT3017



The key advantages of HEIDENHAIN:
  • -Precision: Exceptional accuracy for precise positioning and control.

  • -Reliability: Robust construction for reliable operation in demanding environments.

  • -Versatility: Wide range of options to suit specific application needs.

  • -Advanced Technology: Incorporation of cutting-edge technology for optimal performance.

  • -Easy Integration: Seamless integration into existing systems for hassle-free setup.
HEIDENHAIN encoders are utilized in a wide range of other industries and applications where precise measurement, control, and positioning are essential. We are familiar with those encoders widely used on lifts, machine Tools, Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing.

What we can do for customer:

The OstBridge team sees itself as the link between HEIDENHAIN and industrial businesses.

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