EATON offers a competitive edge through its broad range of high-quality hydraulic components, global market presence, and commitment to delivering flexible, integrated solutions for diverse applications.

EATON VICKERS, a part of the DANFOSS group, is a renowned manufacturer of a diverse range of hydraulic components and services. With a strong presence in the Chinese, European, and US markets, we specialize in providing original EATON hydraulic components to our clients. Our product offerings include EATON VICKERS Industrial Valves, Mobile Valves, Piston Motors, Piston Open Circuit-Industrial Pumps, Piston Open Circuit Mobile Pumps, Screw-in Cartridge Valves, Servo Valves, Vane Motors, and Vane Pumps.

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The main Series of EATON/VICKERS

EATON/VICKERS offers a wide range of series for their hydraulic components, including Industrial Valves, Mobile Valves, Piston Motors, Piston Open Circuit-Industrial Pumps, Piston Open Circuit Mobile Pumps, Screw-in Cartridge Valves, Servo Valves, Vane Motors, and Vane Pumps. The main series we provide:

Eaton/Vickers Main Series
Name description Types Series ID examples
Pump Pistion pump PVH 02-143226PVH131R16AF30B250000001AM1AB010A
Valve Solenoid operated directional control valves DG4 Vvalve DG4V-3-0BL-M-U-H7-60
DG5 Vvalve DG4V-5-2AJ-M-U-H6-20
Solenoid Valve SBV SBV11-12-0-0-24DG
Motor Char-Lynn Motors T Motor 158-3031-001
SV2-20-C-0-00 565539SV220C000 862AN00012A KBCG8W160ZM13APE7H111
SV13-20-C-0-240AGH220V SV13-20-C-0-240AGH 862AN00012A KBCG8W160ZM13APE7H110
SV13-16-C-0-230AGH SV13-16-C-0-230AGH 857AN00037A KBDG5V52C90NM1PE7H111
SV1-16-C-0-00 565538SV116C000 847AN00141A CVI32F20L50
KFDG4V-5-2C70N-Z-VM-U1-H7-20 565320KFDG4V52C70NZVMU1H720 847AN00071A CVI32D20H50
FT-257/6-114   847AN00052A CVI-25-D105-L-50
FDC1-16-6B-88   847AN00045A CVI16D20H50
FDC1-16-6B-44   847AN00020A CVI-25-D20-H-50
FCV6-16-S-0-NV   847AN00007A CVI-25-D10-H-50
DG4V3-2A-VMUH760   847AN00006A CVI25D20M50
DG4V3-0BVMUH760   847AN00005A CVI25D10L50
CVI-25-D20-M-50   847AN00003A CVI-25-D20-L-50
CVI-25-D20-L-50   846AN00064A CVCS32AW20
CVCS-25-U-W-250-20   846AN00059A CVCS32W1320
CVCS-25-N-20   846AN00016A CVCS25AW20
CVCS-25-C3-W-250-20   846AN00007A CVCS-25-U-W-250-20
CG5V8-CW-DVMUH-7-10 CG5V8CWDVMUH711 846AN00002A CVCS25N20
871708 DGMC2-3-AB-GW-BA-GW-41 833AN00177A DG4V32AMS7UH760
871708 DGMC2-3-AB-GW-BA-GW-41 694415 DGMDC3YPK41
870037 DGMX23PPCWB40 694412 DGMFN3YA2WB2W41
870036 DGMX23PPBWB40 694411 DGMFN3YA1WB1W41
870023 DGMPC3BAK41 694400 DGMPC3ABKBAK41
869640 DGMC3PTBW41 566696 MRV416D0
869628 DGMC2-3-AB-CW-BA-CW-41 565936 NV110R0XPR
869628 DGMC23ABCWBACW41 4CK1201S3  
869627 DGMC23ABBWBABW41 465949 EURG210F13UG
868865 DGMX25PPAWES30 407845 C5G805
868316 DGMX25PABWB30 401AA00001A 4CK301S
867364 DGMPC5ABKBAK30 35V25A 1C22R
867335 DGMFN5XA2WB2W30 313463-C 26M65A11C20
867328 DGMX25PBBWS30 300AA00126A 300AA00126A
02-104842 EHAPID201A20 26008-RZC ACNAR08ACA0010000000000A
02-101968 DGMX25PAFWB30 26006-RZC  
880553   26004-RZC ACNAR04ACA0010000000000A
880553 DGMX25PPFWB30 1DR30P40S  
879342 DGMC5PTFWB30 158-3031-001 MT0080EA24AD0200000000000AA00A
872204 CG5V6GWDVMUH711 158-1538-001 MT0080AA01AA0000000000000AA00A
870328 DG4V32ALP2MUDP760 158-1450-001 MT0062AA02AF0200000000000AA00A
870043 DGMFN3ZP2W41 104-1923-006 M02062AC04AG020001000000
870036 DGMX23PPBWB40 104-1022-006 M02049AC02AA010001000000
870036 DGMX23PPBWB40 104-1016-006 M02062AC05AA0100010000000AAAAF
869628 DGMC23ABCWBACW41 103-1039-012 MS0182AA01AA0000000000000AA00M
869628 DGMC2-3-AB-CW-BA-CW-40 103-1003-012 MS0057BA01AB0000000000000AA00M
868300 DGMC5PTGWB30 02-399937 DG17V86N10
867364 DGMPC5ABKBAK30 02-396732 KDG5V-10-33C550N310-EX-VM-U-H1-11
867332 DGMFN-5-Y-A2W-B2W-30 02-359222 DG4V32AZVMUH760
867332 DGMFN5YA2WB2W30 02-358493 DG4V32AP2MUDP760
859553 CG5V8GWDMUH711 02-352708 DGMX7PPGW20
763107 CVGC3W12510 02-352689 DGMFN7YA2HB2H20
694415 DGMDC3YPK41 02-352630 DGMC7ATFH20
694412 DGMFN3YA2WB2W41 02-351179 KBDG5V733C130N65XHM1PE7H110
694412 DGMFN3YA2WB2W41 02-341718 PVB10-RSY-41-C-12
694400 DGMPC3ABKBAK41 02-341711 PVB10-RSY-41-CM-12
694400 DGMPC3ABKBAK41 02-323187 DGMC23ATCWBTBW41
614374 C5GV825UG 02-319726 DG17V36NL60
614227 C5GV815UG 02-311960 CVCS63HFV3WB210
565844 CV2-20P-0-5 02-180420 CBV2-10-S-IA3G-A-30/10
465509 ECT-06-C-10-TB 02-177180 SV11830230AGP
02-139091 DGMPC3BAN41 02-177107 SV11840230AGP
02-137278-CCR 3520V38A81CC22R 02-177079 SV13120P000
02-135316 DG17V36C60 02-177078 SV1310CM000
02-135315 DG17V30N60 02-177076 SV13100P000
02-127343 DG17V32C60 02-156770 CVU-32-ZSWD3-B29-H-10CVU32ZSWD3B29H10
02-109849 DGMDC3YAKBK41 02-155969 KCG8W2501ZMUH110
02-139196 DGMC3ATCW41    


Applications of EATON/VICKERS
Eaton Corporation is a global technology leader in power management solutions that designs, manufactures, and sells a wide range of industrial valves for various applications. Here are some common applications of Eaton valves:

  • -Hydraulic Systems: Eaton valves are commonly used in hydraulic systems for controlling fluid flow, pressure, and direction. These valves are ideal for heavy-duty applications, such as mining, construction, and agriculture.

  • -Aerospace and Defense: Eaton valves are used in the aerospace and defense industries for applications such as fuel system control, landing gear control, and hydraulic power units.

  • -Oil and Gas Industry: Eaton valves are commonly used in the oil and gas industry for applications such as wellhead control, blowout prevention, and hydraulic fracturing.

  • -Automotive Industry: Eaton valves are used in the automotive industry for applications such as engine control, transmission control, and suspension control.

  • -Port Machinery: Eaton's hydraulic pumps and motors are used in cranes to power the boom, lift and slew mechanisms, and other movements.
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