OstBridge team is a comprehensive solution and components provider of linear encoders, angle encoders, rotary encoders, length gauges, CNC controls, and digital readouts for machines, automation systems, and metrology applications. For sealed and exposed linear Encoders our product range includes European Brands: HEIDENHAIN, PRECIZIKA, RSF and Chinese Brands: YuHeng, Lamotion.

We have an abundant inventory of linear encoders in our warehouse and can serve our customers short time operation with fast delivery.

High-quality linear encoders sealed feature an aluminum housing that protects the scale, scanning carriage, and guideway from chips, dust, and splash water. Exposed linear encoders mainly for the application of linear motors, production and measuring equipment in the semiconductor industry, pick-and-place machines and direct drive systems. Exposed linear encoders have zero mechanical contact between the scanning head and the scale or scale tape.

What are the Advantages of Linear Encoders?

  • Linear encoders offer several advantages over other types of position sensors, including:
  • High resolution: Linear encoders can achieve extremely high resolution, down to sub-micron levels, making them ideal for high-precision positioning applications.
  • High accuracy: Linear encoders can provide accurate measurements over a wide range of operating conditions, including temperature and humidity.
  • Low hysteresis: Linear encoders have very low hysteresis, meaning that they provide consistent measurements regardless of the direction of movement.
  • High speed: Linear encoders can operate at very high speeds, making them suitable for use in high-speed machining and manufacturing applications.
  • Non-contact operation: Linear encoders operate without physical contact between the scale and the sensor, reducing wear and tear and increasing the lifespan of the system.
What are the Applications of Linear Encoders?

Some common applications of linear encoders include:

  • Machine tools: Linear encoders are commonly used in milling machines, lathes, and other machine tools to provide precise position feedback to the control system.
  • Robotics: Linear encoders are used in robots to accurately position the end effector or tool.
  • Semiconductor manufacturing: Linear encoders are used in the manufacture of semiconductors to accurately position wafers and other components.
  • Scientific instruments: Linear encoders are used in scientific instruments, such as microscopes and telescopes, to accurately position the specimen or the viewing apparatus.
  • Metrology: Linear encoders are used in metrology to provide high-precision position measurements for calibration and testing purposes.
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