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B&R X20 System adopts the original plug-in installation method design, which makes the overall PLC system extremely compact and reasonable in size. It can obtain almost several times the performance of similar brands in the same space and volume. This is not only due to B&R ’s sophisticated ergonomic design is also due to B&R’s advanced industrial design concepts and forward-looking, abundant supply of modules.

Products lines includes: Industrial PCs, Control Systems, I/O Systems, Safety Technology,Operator Intarface, Motion Control, Network and Fieldbus Modules, Software, Process Control, Power Supplies, Accessories
For products detais pls see attached PDF data sheet. 
We have B&R X20 Module System, I/O System components in our warehouse. Parts item IDs pls see below:
B&R 0G0010.00-090
B&R 4PP065.0571-P74
B&R 4PP420.1043-B5
B&R 4PPC70.101G-20W
B&R 5AP1120.1505-000
B&R 5CFCRD.1024-06
B&R 5PC310.L800-00
B&R X20 DI 4371
B&R X20 DO 4332
B&R X20AI1744
B&R X20AI2622
B&R X20AI2632-1
B&R X20AI4622
B&R X20AI4622 
B&R X20AI4632-1
B&R X20AO2622
B&R X20AO2632
B&R X20AO4622
B&R X20AO4632
B&R X20AP3121
B&R X20AT2222
B&R X20AT2222 
B&R X20AT4222
B&R X20AT4222 
B&R X20AT6402
B&R X20BB80
B&R X20BB81
B&R X20BB82
B&R X20BC0063
B&R X20BC0083
B&R X20BC0083 
B&R X20BC00G3
B&R X20BC1083
B&R X20BC8084
B&R X20BM01
B&R X20BM11
B&R X20BR9300
B&R X20BT9100
B&R X20BT9400
B&R X20BT9400 
B&R X20CM8281
B&R X20CP1483
B&R X20CP1484
B&R X20CP1584
B&R X20CP1586
B&R X20CP3585
B&R X20CP3586
B&R X20CP3586 
B&R X20CS1012
B&R X20CS1030
B&R X20DC1196
B&R X20DC2396
B&R X20DC4395 
B&R X20DI4760
B&R X20DI9371
B&R X20DO2649 
B&R X20DO4322
B&R X20DO6322
B&R X20DO8332
B&R X20DO9322
B&R X20DS1319 
B&R X20HB2880
B&R X20HB2885
B&R X20HB8880
B&R X20HB8884
B&R X20IF1030
B&R X20IF1063
B&R X20IF1063-1
B&R X20IF1072 
B&R X20IF10G3-1
B&R X20IF2181-2
B&R X20IF2772
B&R X20MK0213
B&R X20MK0223 
B&R X20PD2113
B&R X20PS2100
B&R X20PS3300
B&R X20PS8002
B&R X20PS9400
B&R X20SL8101
B&R X20TB12