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Moog 072 Series comprises a range of high-performance servo valves manufactured by Moog Inc. These servo valves are used in hydraulic systems to control the flow of hydraulic fluid and accurately position hydraulic actuators based on electrical input signals.

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The 72 Series flow control servo valves are throttle valves for 3 and preferably 4-way applications. They are a high performance, 2-stage design that covers the range of rated flows from 95 to 225 l/min (25 to 60 gpm) at 35 bar (500 psi) valve pressure drop per spool land. 
The output stage is a closed center, four-way sliding spool. The pilot stage is a symmetrical double-nozzle and flapper, driven by a double air gap, dry torque motor. 
Mechanical feedback of spool position is provided by a cantilever spring. The valve design is simple and rugged for dependable, long life operation. 
These valves are suitable for electrohydraulic position, speed, pressure or force control systems with high dynamic response requirements
Key Features of the Moog 072 Series Servo Valves:
  1. Proportional Control: The 072 Series servo valves provide precise proportional control of hydraulic flow in response to electrical input signals.

  2. High Dynamic Response: These servo valves are designed for fast and accurate response, making them suitable for applications that require precise and dynamic control of hydraulic actuators.

  3. Accurate Positioning: The 072 Series offers accurate and repeatable positioning of hydraulic actuators, enabling precise control of motion and force.

  4. High Flow Capacity: The valves can handle high flow rates, making them suitable for applications that require large hydraulic flow to control heavy loads or fast movements.

  5. Reliability and Durability: Moog is known for manufacturing high-quality and reliable motion control products. The 072 Series servo valves are built to withstand harsh industrial environments and deliver long-lasting performance.

  6. Integrated Electronics: Some versions of the servo valves may come with integrated electronics for easier interfacing with control systems.

  7. Applications: The Moog 072 Series servo valves find use in various industrial applications, including aerospace, steel mills, plastic machinery, and test systems, where precise control of hydraulic motion is crucial.

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