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The MOOG G631-3005B is a high-performance servo valve manufactured by Moog Inc., a leading supplier of motion control and fluid flow solutions for various industrial applications. Servo valves like the G631-3005B are used in hydraulic systems to control the flow of hydraulic fluid and accurately position hydraulic actuators, such as cylinders or motors, in response to electrical signals.

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Moog G631-3005B is for a motion control valve with the highest performance.

It is also used for blowing machine system.

We can provide this type as stock from our warehouse at a special price.

- With high performance

- With Stability and accuracy

Key Features of the MOOG G631-3005B Servo Valve:

  1. Proportional Control: The G631-3005B is a proportional servo valve, meaning it can precisely control the flow of hydraulic fluid proportionally to the input electrical signals it receives.

  2. High Dynamic Response: The valve is designed for fast and accurate response, making it suitable for applications that require precise and dynamic control of hydraulic actuators.

  3. Precise Positioning: The servo valve provides accurate and repeatable positioning of hydraulic actuators, allowing for precise control of motion and force.

  4. High Flow Capacity: The G631-3005B can handle high flow rates, making it suitable for applications that require large hydraulic flow to control heavy loads or fast movements.

  5. Reliability and Durability: Moog is known for manufacturing high-quality and reliable motion control products. The G631-3005B is built to withstand harsh industrial environments and deliver long-lasting performance.

  6. Integrated Electronics: Some versions of the servo valve may come with integrated electronics for easier interfacing with control systems.

  7. Applications: The G631-3005B servo valve is commonly used in various industrial applications, including aerospace, steel mills, plastic machinery, and test systems.