REXROTH MCR Radial Piston Motors for Hydraulic Drives

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The MCR radial piston motors are slowly running hydraulic motors, and operate according to the multiple-stroke principle. MCR motors can be used both in open as well as in closed circuits.


The relationship between roll diameter and cam profile is optimized inside the central power unit. This motor can be used to balance the forces between the piston and cam path and simultaneously extends the service life. The step-piston power unit or high-displacement power unit yields a very compact drive unit with high power density.


OstBridge can offer the MCR Motors and can also offer customers some replacement advises.

Series of MCR Motors include:











MCR series motor features:

  1. The motor specifications cover various application fields, and the displacement ranges from 0.2 L/r to 15 L/r.
  2. Modular concept, suitable for a variety of applications.
  3. The configuration structure is not repeated, and each motor module can be freely combined.
  4. High performance, including large starting torque, high mechanical and volumetric efficiency, low noise, and small moment of inertia.
  5. Hydrostatic power brake, inherent characteristics of motor design.
  6. The overall size is small, and the machine design and layout are flexible.
  7. Good low-speed performance.

MCR03-160, MCR03-225, MCR03-255, MCR03-280, MCR03-325,MCR03-365,MCR03-400,

MCR05-380, MCR05-470, MCR05-520, MCR05-565, MCR05-620, MCR05-680, MCR05-750, MCR05-820, MCR10-780.MCR10-940,MCR10-1120,MCR10-1250,MCR10-1340,

MCR15-1130, MCR15-1250, MCR15-1500, MCR15-1780, MCR15-2150

MCR20-1750, MCR20-2100, MCR20-2500, MCR20-3000

MCS hydraulic motor:

MCS5B400L50Z23A0M, MCS10B780L50Z23A0M,

MCS3B160L50Z23A0M, MCS15B1780L50Z23A0M