Jul 14, 2023
Inventory Common Faults and Solutions for Rotary Encoders
Regarding the rotary encoder, it belongs to a type of encoder, which is an optoelectronic rotary measurement device that directly converts the measured angular displacement into a digital signal, namely a high-speed pulse signal. It can be said that it is a very important component of industrial control. During our use, it is inevitable that malfunctions may occur after prolonged use. So what should we do? Below, we will take a look at the common faults of rotary encoders and provide answers.
1. The rotary encoder cannot generate the correct waveform
This problem is due to the malfunction of the rotary encoder itself, such as internal component damage, which prevents the correct waveform from being generated and ultimately leads to abnormal operation. Solution: If this situation occurs with the rotary encoder, the solution is to replace the encoder or repair its internal components.
2. Encoder connection cable fault
This type of fault has the highest probability of occurrence and is often encountered during maintenance, making it a priority factor to consider. Usually, due to an open circuit, short circuit, or poor contact of the encoder cable, it is necessary to replace the cable or connector. Special attention should also be paid to whether it is due to loose cable fixation that causes open welding or circuit, in which case the cable needs to be clamped tightly.
3. The rotary encoder may sometimes miss detection during the rotation process
Most of these problems are caused by software issues, usually due to MCU's long query and detection time. Twisting too fast can lead to missed detection. The solution is to shorten the query and detection time interval.
4. The rotation axis will deform
This is generally due to the over-tightening of the fixing nut or locking nut of the locking potentiometer during installation. The suggestion here is that after the nut is locked, the rotating shaft should be about 1mm higher than the nut surface.
5. Inflexible rotation
During the operation of the encoder, coaxial operation is used, resulting in inflexible rotation. What are the reasons for this phenomenon? Usually, there are some problems with the lubrication between the equipment and the shaft during installation, or there is some dust or impurities inside the internal shaft that affect the operation of the encoder shaft. The usual measure for this situation is to drip a small amount of gasoline onto it, which will help with the replacement operation of the encoder.
6. The+5V power supply voltage of the rotary encoder is too low
The cause of this phenomenon is a power failure or a loss of voltage due to the high resistance of the internal components of the encoder. In this case, the power supply needs to be repaired or the internal components of the encoder need to be replaced. Generally, the voltage should not be lower than 4.75V. The reason for the low voltage is due to a power supply malfunction or a high resistance of the power transmission cable, resulting in losses. At this time, it is necessary to repair the power supply or replace the cable.
7. The shielding component of the rotary encoder is not equipped or detached
This can cause interference signals to be involved, resulting in unstable waveforms and ultimately inaccurate encoder operation. It is necessary to pay attention to the configuration of shielding components and ensure reliable welding and grounding of shielding wires.
8. Poor contact
There are two situations: the first is when the elasticity of the spring is insufficient, and the second is when there is poor contact between the lead-out foot and the carbon film layer. Both of these situations can be repaired. In the first case, press the spring contact and root down appropriately; in the second case, clamp the lead out foot with pliers.
9. Encoder installation is loose
This type of fault can affect position control accuracy, causing excessive position deviation during stopping and moving, and even generating a servo system overload alarm upon startup. Please pay special attention.

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