HEIDENHAIN Read Head for Linear Encoder LS187 - LS 100 Series for Sale

Products Mode: LS 187
Place of Origin: DE

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HEIDENHAIN incremental linear encoder has series of LB 382, LF 185, LF 485, LS 100, LS 400, LS 600. We can provide HEIDENHAIN LS 100 Linear Encoders LS 187 and LS 177, and their read head AE LS187, AE LS187C, AE LS177 from our warehouse in China. We can provide our customers professional service of all the HEIDENHAIN linear encoders.


LS 100 series

Incremental linear encoders with full-size scale housing

- For linear axes up to 3040 mm long

- Accurate and reliable position measurement

- Rugged design

- Interfaces: 1 VPP and TTL


Technical Data:


Heidenhain LS 100 Series has high vibration tolerance with a long measuring length even in a harsh environments. This Series can be easily installed and is installer-friendly. For all the mounting details pls refer to the attached PDF datasheet.