1109256-31 ROQ 425 HEIDENHAIN Absolute Rotary Encoder

Products Mode: 1109256-31 ROQ 425
Place of Origin: DE

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1109256-31 ROQ 425 HEIDENHAIN Absolute Rotary  Encoder
Technical Data:
Identnumber: 1109256-31
revolutions: 4096
Positions per revolution: 8192
Data interface: EnDat01
Output code: Binary
Line count: 512
Output signal: ~1Vpp
Cutoff frequency (-3dB): 130.00 kHz
Power supply: 3.6 V ... 14 V
Flange version: Synchro flange Ø 58 mm, centering collar 50 mm, bolt circle Ø 42 mm, 3 x M4
Shaft: Solid shaft, diameter 6 mm, length 9.5 mm
Degree of protection: IP64 (EN60529)
Operating temperature: -40/+100 °C
Electrical connection: free cable end
Pin configuration: D288678
Connecting direction: Cable outlet for axial and radial use
Cable length: 1.00 m