527392-20 LS 187C 2240

Products Mode: 527392-20
Place of Origin: DE

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527392-20 LS 187C 2240 Incremental Sealed Linear Encoder - OstBridge HEIDENHAIN
Technical Data:
Identnumber: 527392-20
Measuring length: 2240 mm
Accuracy grade: ± 3.0 µm
Grating period: 20.000 µm
Fastening type: Screw-on strip integrated
Output signal: sinusoidal voltage signals (1 Vpp)
Reference mark position: Distance-coded reference marks with nominal increment 1000 x grating period
Further reference marks: none
Power supply: 5V+-5%
Electrical connection: Flange socket, male, 14-pin
Special characteristics,
linear encoder: none