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8BAC0120.000-1 ACOPOS Encoder Interface 
  • EnDat 2.1 encoder interface for installation in ACOPOSmulti modules
  • Encoder monitoring
  • High-precision analog signal processing
  • Embedded parameter chip when used with B&R motors
ACOPOSmulti plug-in module, EnDat 2.1 interface
General information
Module type ACOPOSmulti plug-in module
B&R ID code 0x22EF
Slot  Slots 1 and 2
Power consumption  
Depends on connected encoder Yes
E0 ... EnDat single-turn, 512 lines Max. 4 W
E1 ... EnDat multi-turn, 512 lines Max. 4 W
E2 ... EnDat single-turn, 32 lines (inductive) Max. 4 W
E3 ... EnDat multi-turn, 32 lines (inductive) Max. 4 W
E4 ... EnDat single-turn, 512 lines Max. 4 W
E5 ... EnDat multi-turn, 512 lines Max. 4 W
CE Yes
UL cULus E225616
Power conversion equipment
KC Yes
Encoder inputs 
Quantity 1
Module-side connection 15-pin DSUB connector
Status indicators UP/DN LEDs
Electrical isolation  
Encoder - ACOPOSmulti No
Encoder monitoring Yes
Max. encoder cable length 75 m
Sine/Cosine inputs  
Signal transmission Differential signals, symmetrical
Signal frequency (-3 dB) DC up to 300 kHz
Signal frequency (-5 dB) DC up to 400 kHz
Common-mode voltage Max. ±7 V
Terminating resistor 120 Ω
Resolution 12-bit
Encoder power supply
Output voltage 5 V ±5%
Load capacity 250 mA 
Sense lines 2, compensation of max. 2x 0.7 V
Resolution @ 1 VSS  Number of encoder lines * 5700
Synchronous serial interface
Signal transmission RS485
Data transfer rate 781.25 kbit/s
Ambient conditions
Nominal 5 to 40°C
Maximum 55°C
Storage -25 to 55°C
Transport -25 to 70°C
Relative humidity  
Operation 5 to 85%
Storage 5 to 95%
Transport Max. 95% at 40°C