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Products Mode: 8BVP0440HW00.000-1
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8BVP0440HW00.000-1 B&R ACOPOS Power Supply Modules -
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Capable of regeneration
  • Integrated connection for temperature sensors
  • 2 slots for ACOPOSmulti plug-in modules
ACOPOSmulti power supply module, 44 A, AS, wall mounting
General information
B&R ID code 0xA074
Cooling and mounting type Wall mounting
Slots for plug-in modules 2
CE Yes
UL cULus E225616
Power conversion equipment
KC Yes
Mains connection
Network configurations TT, TN-S, TN-C-S 
Mains input voltage 3x 220 to 3x 480 VAC ±10%
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz ±4%
Installed load  Max. 31.1 kW
Inrush current at 400 VAC Max. 67 A
Switch-on interval  >300 s
Max. DC bus capacitance depending on mains voltage  
230 VAC 17.4 mF
400 VAC 5.8 mF
480 VAC 4 mF
Nominal switching frequency 5 kHz
Possible switching frequencies  5 / 10 kHz
Integrated line filter per EN 61800-3, category C3  No
Integrated regeneration choke No
Regenerative Yes
Power factor correction (PFC) Yes
L1, L2, L3, PE Connector
PE M5 threaded bolt
Shield connection  Yes
Terminal connection cross section  
Flexible and fine-stranded wires  
With wire end sleeves 0.5 to 16 mm²
Approbation data  
UL/C-UL-US 20 to 6 AWG
CSA 20 to 6 AWG
Terminal cable cross section dimension of shield connection 23 to 35 mm
DC bus connection
Nominal 750 VDC
Continuous power (supply and regeneration)  30 kW
Reduction of continuous power depending on mains input voltage  
Mains input voltage <3x 400 VAC 75 W/V * (400 V - Mains input voltage)
Reduction of continuous power depending on DC bus voltage (UDC)  
UDC <750 VDC P * (1 - UDC/750) 
Reduction of continuous power depending on switching frequency   
Switching frequency 5 kHz 1.11 kW/K (starting at 40°C) 
Switching frequency 10 kHz 0.35 kW/K (starting at -10°C) 
Reduction of continuous power depending on installation elevation  
Starting at 500 m above sea level 3 kW per 1000 m
Peak power (supply and regeneration) 60 kW
Power dissipation depending on switching frequency   
Switching frequency 5 kHz [0.15*P²+10.5*P+40] W
Switching frequency 10 kHz [0.42*P²+16*P+130] W
DC bus capacitance 825 µF
Protective measures  
Overload protection Yes
Short-circuit and ground fault protection No
Variant ACOPOSmulti backplane
24 VDC power supply
Input voltage 25 VDC ±1.6%
Input capacitance 4.7 µF
Max. power consumption 25 W + PSLOT1 + PSLOT2 + P24 V Out + PFan8BVF... 
Variant ACOPOSmulti backplane
24 VDC Out
Quantity 2
Output voltage  
DC bus voltage (UDC): 260 to 315 VDC 25 VDC * (UDC / 315)
DC bus voltage (UDC): 315 to 800 VDC 24 VDC ±6%
Fuse protection 250 mA (slow-blow) electronic, automatic reset
Filter fan connection
Output voltage 24 V +5.8% / -0.1%
Continuous current 4.2 A
Max. overcurrent limiting 10 A
Protective measures  
Overload protection No
Short-circuit proof Yes
Open-circuit monitoring No
Undervoltage monitoring No
Trigger inputs
Quantity 2
Circuit Sink
Electrical isolation  
Input - Power supply module Yes
Input - Input Yes
Input voltage  
Nominal 24 VDC
Maximum 30 VDC
Switching threshold  
Low <5 V
High >15 V
Input current at nominal voltage Approx. 10 mA
Switching delay  
Rising edge 52 μs ±0.5 μs (digitally filtered)
Falling edge 53 μs ±0.5 μs (digitally filtered)
Modulation compared to ground potential Max. ±38 V
Electrical properties
Discharge capacitance 0.9 µF
Operating conditions
Permissible mounting orientations  
Hanging vertically Yes
Horizontal, face up Yes
Standing horizontally No
Installation elevation above sea level  
Nominal 0 to 500 m
Maximum  4000 m
Pollution degree per EN 61800-5-1 2 (non-conductive pollution)
Overvoltage category per EN 61800-5-1 III
Degree of protection per EN 60529 IP20
Ambient conditions
Nominal 5 to 40°C
Maximum 55°C
Storage -25 to 55°C
Transport -25 to 70°C
Relative humidity  
Operation 5 to 85%
Storage 5 to 95%
Transport Max. 95% at 40°C
Mechanical properties
Width 106.5 mm
Height 317 mm
Wall mounting 263 mm
Weight Approx. 5.5 kg
Module width 2