HEIDENHAIN ERN 1331 | 1381 | 1378 Incremental Rotary Encoder

Products Mode: ERN 1381
Place of Origin: DE

The HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders encompass both external and internal rotary encoders, catering to a wide range of industrial applications. We take pride in our warehouse stock, which includes the highly sought-after Heidenhain rotary encoders, namely the ERN 1331, ERN 1381, and ERN 1378 models

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HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders includes external rotary encoders and internal rotary encoders.

We have Heidenhain ERN 1331, ERN 1381, ERN 1378 rotary encoders in warehouse and can provide our customers with fast delivery.


Heidenhain ERN 1300 Series Encoders, incremental rotary encoders with integral bearing. See attached PDF.



- High axial tolerance of up to ±0.5 mm

- Tapered shaft

- Very high positioning accuracy of down to ±16"

- Max. operating temperature: 120 °C

- Interface: 1 VPP and TTL

- Housing diameter ≈ 56 mm


This series encoders have robust design, with incremental output signal, the rotary encoders also output sinusoidal or block commutation signals for direct commutation control. ERN 1300 encoders have precise positioning and flexible coupling. It usually used for elevator industry and servo drives


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