PARKER Direct Operated Proportional Directional Control Valve D1FP D3FP

Products Mode: D1FP D3FP

Equipped with a proportional control circuit and magnetic drive technology, the DFplus valve delivers unparalleled precision in control, allowing for exceptionally precise adjustments. Achieving an impressive resolution of up to 1/10,000 and boasting remarkable response times of just a few milliseconds, it ensures swift and accurate control in even the most delicate applications.

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The PARKER DFplus valve is an advanced proportional electro-hydraulic servo valve for high precision and high-performance control systems. Its main features and capabilities include.
The DFplus valve's proportional control circuit and magnetic drive technology provide high-precision control for very fine adjustments. The resolution can be as high as 1/10,000 with response times of just a few milliseconds.
The valves use a wide range of feedback signals, including position, speed, pressure and torque, to enable a variety of control modes, such as position, speed and torque control. It also has an advanced solenoid proportional spool and high-strength materials that are resistant to corrosion, wear and high temperatures, allowing for long periods of operation in harsh operating environments.
With standard interfaces and connections, DFplus valves are easy to integrate into a wide range of mechanical systems and control systems, and are also compatible with other brands of electro-hydraulic servo systems, and it offers an easy-to-use software and control interface that allows the user to easily set and adjust control parameters for fast and accurate control.
PARKER DFplus valves are highly accurate, versatile, reliable, easy to integrate and simple to use for a wide range of demanding control applications.

Features EtherCAT interface:

  • EtherCAT interface, 2x M12x1, connector 4-Pin (EtherCAT In and EtherCAT Out)
  • High dynamics
  • High flow capacity
  • Onboard electronics
Parameter Value
Duty ratio 100%
Protection class IP65 in accordance with EN 60529 (with correctly mounted plug-in connector)
Supply voltage/ripple 22 ... 30, electric shut-off at < 19, ripple < 5 % eff., surge free
Current consumption max. 3.5A
Pre fusing 4.0 medium lag
Differential input 30V for terminal D and E against PE (terminal G)
Diagnostic signal +10...0...-10 / +12.5 error detection, rated max. 5 mA
EMC EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4
Electrical connection 6 + PE acc. to EN 175201-804
EtherCAT interface 2 x socket M12x1: 5p acc. to IEC61076-2-101
Wiring min. 3 x 1.0 (AWG16) overall braid shield
Wiring length max. 50m
Wiring EtherCAT acc. to CiA DS-301 Version 4 / Twisted pair cable acc. to ISO11898
EtherCAT profiles Communication Layer IEC 61158-x-12, 301 Version 4
  Device Profile in accordance with CIA DS - 408 Version 1.5.2
  CANopen over EtherCAT (object dictionary)
Functionality One PDO (Receive), One PDO (Transmit)
  BUS-cycle time down to 0.250 mSec.
Parameterization Interface RS 232, parametrizing cable order code 40982923
Interface program ProPxD (see
Adjustment ranges Min [%] 0...50, Max [%] 50...100, Ramp [%] 0...32.5
  • High precision control: The D1FP D3FP valve uses advanced proportional control technology to achieve precise flow and pressure control, making the machine's performance more stable and reliable.
  • Fast response: The D1FP D3FP valve has a very fast control response time, allowing flow and pressure adjustments to be made within milliseconds, enabling faster dynamic response and higher production efficiency.
  • Stable and reliable: The D1FP D3FP valve uses advanced electronic control technology to achieve automatic and stable adjustment, avoiding control instability due to pressure changes or temperature changes.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: D1FP valve adopts advanced proportional control technology, which can achieve precise flow control, avoiding the problem of wasting energy caused by too much or too little flow of the machine, thus achieving the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Long life: The D1FP D3FP valve is made of high-quality materials and an advanced manufacturing process, which provides high reliability and durability, enabling it to work stably for a long time and reducing the maintenance cost of the machine.
The D1FP D3FP valve is an electro-hydraulic proportional control valve with a wide range of applications for hydraulic systems that require high precision, fast response, stability and reliability, energy saving, and environmental protection.
Our experiences are mainly in areas of:
Machine tool industry
 in hydraulic control systems for CNC machine tools, machining centres, grinding machines, punching machines, etc. to achieve precise cutting and forming operations.
Mould industry
in hydraulic control systems for injection moulding machines, die-casting machines and other moulds to achieve precise mould opening and closing and pressure control.
Construction machinery industry:
in hydraulic control systems for excavators, loaders, road rollers and other construction machinery to achieve precise motion control and load sensing.
Metallurgical industry
in hydraulic control systems for metallurgy such as casting machines, rolling mills and broaching machines to achieve precise pressure control and forming operations.