PARKER PGP PGM Gear Pump Motor with Fixed Displacement

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The Parker PGP and PGM series are gear pump motors manufactured by Parker Hannifin Corporation, a global leader in motion and control technologies. These gear pump motors are used in various industrial and mobile applications to provide hydraulic power for driving hydraulic actuators, such as cylinders or hydraulic motors.

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PARKER PGP PGM Gear Pump Motor



PARKER PGP PGM Gear Pump Motor, fixed displacement Pumps with Cast-Iron and Aluminium Designs.

Series include Series 500 Alminiu:

 PGP/ PGM 500, PGP502, PGP505, PGP/PGM511, PGP517, PGP502, PGP505.


Series 600 Cast-Iron:

PGP/PGM600, PGP/PGM620, PGP/PGM 640, PGP/PGM 625, PGP/PGM 640.


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PGP 500 pumps/motors offer superior performance:

- High efficiency  

- Low noise operation at high operating pressures.

- In four frame sizes (PGP 502, PGP 505, PGP 511, PGP 517)

- With displacements ranging from  0.8 to 70 cm³/rev.

- Up to 280 bar continuous operation

- Application flexibility

- Large range of integrated valves


PGP 600 pumps/motors offer superior performance:

- Patented interlocking body design

- 12 tooth gears, bronze balance plates

- Tandem, triple and cross-frame pumps available

- Common inlets available for tandem and triple pumps

- Continuous operating pressures up to 310 bar

- Production run-in available to suite OEM ­application conditions and to provide optimized volumetric efficiencies

- Pressure balanced design for high efficiency

- Reduced system noise levels compared to earliermodels

- High power through-drive capability

- Wide range of integral valves for power steering, power brakes, fan drivers and implement hydraulics

- Load sense and solenoid operated unloading valves


PGP series applications include materials handling, commercial grass cutting, and construction equipment applications.

For details about the technical data and the applications, please see the attached PDF.