X20BC8084 X20 Bus Controller POWERLINK

Products Mode: X20BC8084
Place of Origin: AT

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X20BC8084 X20 Bus Controller POWERLINK 
  • I/O configuration and firmware update via the fieldbus
  • Integrated compact link selector function
  • 2 active hub expansion modules can be connected to the bus controller
  • Redundant supply possible

The bus controller makes it possible to connect X2X Link I/O nodes to POWERLINK. It is also possible to operate the X2X Link cycle synchronously 1:1 or synchronous to POWERLINK using a prescaler.

POWERLINK is a standard protocol for Fast Ethernet equipped with hard real-time characteristics. The POWERLINK Standardization Group (EPSG) ensures that the standard remains open and is continually developed:: www.ethernet-powerlink.org.

Systems with redundant cabling can be implemented easily using POWERLINK. Unlike ring redundancy, cable redundancy does not require cable looping, which can sometimes be problematic. This allows the creation of all types of tree structures. When using a device with the link selector function, data is always transferred via the highest quality network lines. The link selector function is integrated in the bus controller.