Jul 17, 2023
Functions and Advantages of Eaton PVH Variable Displacement Piston Pumps

The Eaton PVH Variable Displacement Piston Pump is a light and compact pump that proposes an oil pump with a housing made of an aluminium-containing material and movable moulding arranged in the housing. The moving molded part is at least partially made of a sinterable material comprising at least an austenitic iron-based alloy, and wherein the molded part made of a sinterable material has the thermal expansion coefficient of the shell is 60.

1. Increase the oil pressure (constant pressure): increase the injection pressure to 10MPa ~ 20MPa.

2. Control the injection time (timing): inject and stop the injection according to the specified time.

3. Controlling the amount of fuel injection (quantitative): According to the working conditions of the diesel engine, change the amount of fuel injection to adjust the speed and power of the diesel engine.


1. Flexible design 
Including single pump, through shaft drive configurations, and various drive shaft extensions and controls, which will adapt to any application and provide the most cost-effective equipment. Proven components are designed in heavy duty, compact housings to provide 250bar (3625psi) continuous operation and 280bar (4050psi) in load sensing systems. The design guarantees long life at the higher performance levels required by today's power-intensive machinery.

2. Small and light design 
To reduce application weight and provide more convenience for installation and maintenance, repair kits are also developed for the most critical rotating parts and control components to simplify pump maintenance and ensure successful maintenance.

3. Low-noise design 
Used for industrial applications where noise is important, reducing noise levels also provides a more acceptable environment. Various compensators are designed for the highest efficiency in each application to provide the most effective system control, and a volumetric efficiency of over 95% means more flow, and more input power to work instead of heat and waste.

4. Long working time
Heavy-duty bearings and shaft extensions cause minimal internal deformation and wear, providing longer life and the longest running time.
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