Jul 17, 2023
                                                                                              Introduction of German Heidenhain encoder

German Heidenhain encoder, hollow shaft, and angle encoder with built-in stator coupling. Due to the structure and installation of the stator coupling, when the shaft is subjected to angular acceleration, the stator coupling must only absorb the torque caused by bearing friction. Therefore, RCN, Ron, and RPN angle encoders have excellent dynamic performance. For the angle encoder with built-in stator coupling, the system accuracy in the technical parameters has included the deviation of the coupling. More advantages: the diameter of the hollow shaft can reach 100 mm, which is convenient for threading the power cord; Simple installation; Small size, suitable for places with limited installation space. Modular Heidenhain encoder for magnetic scanning. The ERM Series modular encoder of Heidenhain company is composed of a magnetic grating drum and a magnetoresistive sensor scanning unit. Its measurement standard magnodur and magnetoresistive scanning principle make it particularly insensitive to pollution.

Heidenhain encoder RCN 8001 series is used for high productivity absolute angle encoder. Features: system accuracy is 1 "/ 2", integrated stator coupling, hollow shaft 60 mm / 100 mm, position value per revolution: 29 bits, allowable high shaft speed, integrated temperature sensor, interface: EnDat 2.2, FANUC serial interface α i. Mitsubishi high-speed interface provides functional safety.

Overview of Heidenhain encoder: (encoder) is a device that compiles and converts signals (such as bit streams) or data into signal forms that can be used for communication, transmission and storage. The encoder converts the angular displacement or linear displacement into an electrical signal. Everyone should have seen this kind of angular displacement. There is a knob on some household appliances or audio equipment that you can use to adjust the volume. The device under that knob is an encoder. Some products use push rods to change functions. The device under the push rod is a linear displacement encoder.

Angle encoders with integral bearings. Thanks to their very high system accuracy, angle encoders with an integral bearing are ideal for demanding applications such as machine tools and printing machines. Angle encoder modules. The optimal interplay between these angle encoders and their high-precision bearings results in high measurement and bearing accuracy, very high resolution, exceptional repeatability, and the added benefit of easy installation.

Optimization design of Heidenhain encoder position feedback system: a common problem faced by designers in the field of industrial automation when designing the position detection interface for motor control, that is, it can detect the position in applications with faster speed and smaller size. Using the information captured from the encoder to accurately measure the motor position is important for the successful operation of automation and machine equipment. Fast, high-resolution, dual channel synchronous sampling analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is an important component of this system. Motor rotation information such as position, speed, and direction must be accurate to produce accurate drivers and controllers for various emerging applications, such as assembly machines that assemble micro-components into PCB areas with limited space. Recently, motor control has begun to move towards miniaturization, which has led to new surgical robot applications in the medical and health industry, and new UAV applications in the aerospace and defense fields.

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