Jul 17, 2023
                                                         Synchronous Servo Motors Drive: Working Principle & Motor Requirement

The working principle of servo motor driver is to use digital signal processor (DSP) as the control core; Realize digitalization, networking, and intellectualization; In addition, the motor is required to run smoothly from the lowest speed to the highest speed, and the torque fluctuation should be small,

1、 Working principle of servo motor driver

1. The servo motor driver uses digital signal processor (DSP) as the control core.

2. More complex control algorithms can be implemented to realize digitalization, networking and intelligence. The driving circuit based on intelligent power module (IPM) is generally used in power devices. IPM is internally integrated with drive circuit, which has overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, undervoltage and other fault detection and protection circuits, increasing the flexibility of the main circuit. "Start the circuit to reduce the impact of the startup process on the drive." The power drive unit first rectifies the input three-phase power supply or commercial power supply through three-phase full bridge rectifier circuit to obtain the corresponding DC. The three-phase permanent magnet synchronous AC servo motor is driven by three-phase sine PWM voltage inverter after being rectified by three-phase power supply or mains supply. "The whole process of the power drive unit can be simply described as an AC/DC - AC process. The main topology circuit of the rectifier unit (AC-DC) is a three-phase full bridge uncontrolled rectifier circuit.

3. With the large-scale application of the servo system, the use, debugging, and maintenance of the servo driver are important technical issues of the servo driver. More and more industrial control service providers have conducted in-depth technical research on the servo driver.

2、 What are the requirements of the servo motor driver on the motor

1. The motor can run steadily from the lowest speed to the highest speed, and the torque fluctuation should be small. Especially at low speeds such as 0.1r/min or more, the motor still has a steady speed without creeping.

2. The motor shall have a large overload capacity for a long time to meet the requirements of low speed and high torque. Generally, the DC servo motor is required to overload 4~6 times within several minutes without damage.

3. In order to meet the requirements of fast response, the motor shall have small moment of inertia and large locked rotor torque and shall have the minimum time constant and starting voltage.

4. The motor shall be able to withstand frequent starting, braking, and reverse rotation.

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