Jul 19, 2023

What is Hydraulic System in Injection Moulding Machine?

      With the rapid development of science and technology in the world, the relevant departments in China also put forward higher requirements for hydraulic systems, while making the applications more extensive, such as marine development, cosmic navigation, earthquake prediction, etc. Compared with the general field, special fields, such as the military field, undersea operation field, aerospace, and other fields, the requirements for hydraulic systems are higher.

Hydraulic transmission of hydraulic system of injection molding machine

      Hydraulic oil as the working medium, through the power element (oil pump) will be the mechanical energy of the prime mover into hydraulic oil pressure energy, and then through the control element, and then with the help of the executive element (oil cylinder or oil motor) will convert the pressure energy into mechanical energy, drive the load to achieve linear or rotary motion, and through the remote control of the control element manipulation and adjustment of the flow, adjust the force and speed of the executive element. When the outside world has a disturbance to the above system, the output of the actuating element generally deviates from the original adjustment value, resulting in a certain amount of error.

Hydraulic control of the hydraulic system of the injection molding machine

      1. Injection molding machine hydraulic system hydraulic control and hydraulic transmission, the system also includes power components, control elements, and executive components, is also through the oil transfer of power. The difference between the two is that the hydraulic control has a feedback device, the role of the feedback device is to execute the output of the element (displacement, speed, force, and other mechanical quantities) feedback back to the input (can be changed, can also be constant) for comparison, with a comparison of the deviation to control the system, so that the output of the executive element with the change in the input or to maintain a constant. It is a hydraulic transmission system that constitutes a closed-loop circuit, also called hydraulic follower system or hydraulic servo system.
      2. Hydraulic transmission system is used in the on-off or logic control elements, its control purpose, is to maintain the stability of the adjusted value or simply change the direction, also called fixed value and sequence control elements.
      3. Hydraulic control system is used in the servo control elements, with feedback structure, and control with electrical devices, there is a high degree of control accuracy and response speed, and the pressure and flow of the control are often continuously change. Output power can be amplified.
      4. Proportional control is a control between the above two, the proportional control valve is used in the on-off control elements and servo control elements based on the development of an electric - hydraulic control elements, both the above two types of components with some of the characteristics of the hand-adjusted on-off control can not meet the requirements, but also does not require servo valves for hydraulic system as strict pollution control requirements of the occasion.


Injection molding machine hydraulic system in the use of what issues should be noted?

1、The user should understand the working principle of the hydraulic system and be familiar with the position and rotation of various operation and adjustment handles.

2、Before starting the machine, check whether the adjustment handles and handwheels on the system have been moved by unrelated personnel, whether the position of electrical switches and travel switches is normal, whether the installation of tools on the main machine is correct and firm, etc., and then wipe the exposed part of the guide rail and piston rod before starting the machine.

3、When starting the machine, first start the hydraulic pump of the control circuit, without a special control circuit hydraulic pump, you can directly start the main hydraulic pump.

4、The hydraulic oil should be regularly checked and replaced, for the new hydraulic equipment put into use, the use of about 3, months should clean the oil tank, and replace the new oil. After every six months to 1, year clean and change the oil once.

5、The work should always pay attention to the oil, In normal operation, the oil temperature in the tank should not exceed 60 ℃. Oil temperature is too high should try to cool, it and use a higher viscosity hydraulic oil. When the temperature is too low, it should be preheated, or intermittent operation before operation, so that the oil temperature gradually rises, and then enter the official working operation.

6、Check the oil level to ensure that the system has sufficient oil volume.

7、The system with exhaust device should be exhausted, and the system without exhaust device should be run reciprocally several times to make it discharge gas naturally.

8、The oil tank should be sealed with a cover, and an air filter should be set at the ventilation hole above the oil tank to prevent the intrusion of dirt and water. The oil should be filtered when refueling to make the oil clean.

9、The system should be equipped with coarse and fine filters as needed, and the filters should be checked, cleaned, and replaced frequently.

10、The adjustment of the pressure control components, generally first adjust the system pressure control valve ---- relief valve, from the pressure to zero when the opening adjustment, and gradually increase the pressure to reach the specified pressure value; then adjust the pressure control valve of each circuit in turn. The main oil circuit hydraulic pump safety relief valve adjustment pressure is generally greater than the required working pressure of the actuating element 10% - 25%.

11、The flow control valve should be adjusted from small to large flow rate and should be adjusted gradually. Synchronous movement of the flow control valve of the actuating element should be adjusted at the same time, to ensure the smoothness of the movement.

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