Rexroth Pressure and Flow Control System SYDFE


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Rexroth Pressure and Flow Control System SYDFE

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Pressure and flow control system A SYDFE.-2X control system is used for the electro-hydraulic control of swivel angle, pressure and power (partially optional, see pages 4 and 9) of an axial piston variable displacement pump.

The control system consists of the following components:

- Axial piston variable displacement pump A10VSO.../31

- VT-DFP.-2X or VT-DFPD-1X proportional valve as pilot valve including inductive position transducer for valve position sensing. With versions SYDFEE, SYDFEC, SYDFEn and SYDFED, the pilot valve contains electronics for system control.

- For SYDFE1: External control electronics VT 5041-3X for realizing all electric functions necessary for the SYDFE1-2X (separate order)

- Position transducer for sensing the swivel angle

- Pressure transducer with suitable signal level and dynamics (optionally HM 20, otherwise separate order)

- Preload valve with integrated pressure relief function SYDZ (optional)