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Hydac Type "D" elements, pressure elements are used in pressure filters, e.g. in the series DF, DFF, DFG, DFP, DFZ, DFDK, LF, MDF.

Our OstBridge Team can provide Hydac Filter Elements, D Pressure Elements, DH-DIN Elements, L, R, RK, RN, RS, MX, API, SpinOn Filter elements


Hydac Type "D" elements have a gilter rating: 3 to 200 µm. Filter materials are: Filter materials: glass fibre, solid plastic, wire mesh, metal fleece, plain dutch weaves, water-absorbent material. Optimized two/three Layer Filter Mesh pack Structure with new glass fibers.


- Absolute or nominal filtration, depending on the filter material

- Permissible differential pressures: 10, 25, 30 or 210 bar

- Operating temperature: up to 100°C

- Compatible with all conventional operating media

- Without bypass valve (optionally with)

- Long Service life

- Energy cost saving

- low pressure losses


Technical Data:

For Hydac Typ "D" details and products list, please see attached PDF files.