Rexroth Proportional directional valve 4WREE, 4WRE

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Rexroth's 4WREE and 4WRE series are both proportional directional control valves used in hydraulic systems for controlling the flow and direction of hydraulic fluid. These valves are known for their high performance, precision, and reliability, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Rexroth Proportional directional valve 4WREE,4WRE

Rexroth 4WREE proportional directional valves, are designed as direct operated devices in plate design. The solenoids are controlled via integrated electronics. 

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1. Rexroth 4WREE Series: The 4WREE series of proportional directional control valves is designed for use in electro-hydraulic systems. These valves are known for their excellent dynamic response and precise control of hydraulic flow. They come with onboard electronics that allow for precise positioning and control of the valve spool, making them ideal for applications requiring accurate and repeatable control of hydraulic functions. The 4WREE valves are often used in applications such as injection molding machines, die casting machines, and metal forming presses.

2. Rexroth 4WRE Series: The 4WRE series of proportional directional control valves is also designed for use in electro-hydraulic systems. These valves offer similar high performance and precision control capabilities as the 4WREE series. However, the 4WRE series is often used in applications that require modular valve configurations and the flexibility to create custom valve assemblies. They are commonly used in industrial machinery and automation systems, where a modular approach to hydraulic control is preferred.

Both the 4WREE and 4WRE series of proportional directional valves are part of Rexroth's wide range of hydraulic components and systems. These valves are known for their reliability and performance, and they are often used in demanding industrial applications where precise control and efficient hydraulic performance are essential.


– Direct operated proportional directional valve for the control of the direction and magnitude of a flow

– Operation is by proportional solenoids with a central thread and removable coil

– Electrical position feedback

– For subplate mounting:

  • Porting pattern to DIN 24 340 form A, ISO 4401 and CETOP-RP 121 H
  • Subplates to catalogue sheets RE 45 052 (NS 6) and RE 45 054 (NS 10) separate order, see pages 16 and 17

-Spring centred control spool

– Type 4WREE, integrated valve electronics with interface A1 or F1

– Control electronics for types 4WRE and 4WRE..A.. (see page 6)

  • Digital amplifier VT-VRPD-2-1X/V0/0 in Eurocard format,(separate order)
  • Analogue amplifier VT-VRPA2-.-1X in Eurocard format,(separate order)
  • Analogue amplifier VT-MRPA2-.-1X (modular amplifier)(separate order)


Technical Data, pls see attached PDF data sheet.

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Rexroth proportional valve has one advantage: dynamic performance is the highest of all hydraulic valves. With this advantage, servo valves have to be used in many occasions that require high dynamic characteristics, such as the steering gear control of airplanes and rockets, and the speed regulation of steam turbines. Those with lower dynamic requirements are basically the world of proportional valves.