Rexroth Proportional pressure relief valve DBE,DBEE

Products Mode: DBE6X-1X/315G24-8NZ4M

The Rexroth DBE and DBEE series are both proportional pressure relief valves used in hydraulic systems to regulate and control the pressure of hydraulic fluid. These valves are designed to provide precise pressure control and dynamic response in various industrial applications where maintaining a specific pressure level is critical.

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1. Rexroth DBE Series: The DBE series of proportional pressure relief valves is designed for direct pressure control in hydraulic systems. These valves can adjust the pressure in real-time based on the electrical input signal they receive. They are often used in applications where a precise and proportional pressure control is required, such as in injection molding machines, hydraulic presses, and hydraulic test stands.

2. Rexroth DBEE Series: The DBEE series of proportional pressure relief valves is designed for pilot pressure control applications. These valves work in conjunction with a pilot pressure signal to control the main relief valve. They offer a high dynamic response and precise pressure control, making them suitable for applications where rapid pressure adjustments are needed. The DBEE valves are often used in hydraulic systems that require load-independent pressure control or in applications where the pilot signal can be sourced from a separate control circuit.

Proportional pressure relief valve,pilot operated
– Valve for limiting a system pressure
– Operation by proportional solenoid
– For subplate mounting or sandwich plate design:
Position of ports to DIN 24340 (without locating bore) and ISO 4401 (with locating bore)
Subplates to data sheet RE 45052
(separate order, see page 10 and 11)
– Valve and control electronics from a single source
– External control electronics for types DBE and ZDBE:
• Analogue amplifi er type VT-VSPA1-1 in Euro-card 
format (separate order), see page 6
 • Digital amplifi er type VT-VSPD-1 in Euro-card format (separate order), see page 6
 • Analogue amplifi er of modular design type VT 11131 
 (separate order), see page 6
– Integrated electronics (OBE) on types DBEE and ZDBEE:
 • Low manufacturing tolerances for the command value/pressure characteristic curve
 • Up and down ramps can be adjusted independently of each other