Rexroth Proportional pressure relief valve DBE,DBEE

Products Mode: DBE6X-1X/315G24-8NZ4M

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  DBE DBEE Proportional pressure relief valve list Download
  REXROTH Proportional pressure relief valve DBE DBEE Download
Proportional pressure relief valve,pilot operated
– Valve for limiting a system pressure
– Operation by proportional solenoid
– For subplate mounting or sandwich plate design:
Position of ports to DIN 24340 (without locating bore) and ISO 4401 (with locating bore)
Subplates to data sheet RE 45052
(separate order, see page 10 and 11)
– Valve and control electronics from a single source
– External control electronics for types DBE and ZDBE:
• Analogue amplifi er type VT-VSPA1-1 in Euro-card 
format (separate order), see page 6
 • Digital amplifi er type VT-VSPD-1 in Euro-card format (separate order), see page 6
 • Analogue amplifi er of modular design type VT 11131 
 (separate order), see page 6
– Integrated electronics (OBE) on types DBEE and ZDBEE:
 • Low manufacturing tolerances for the command value/pressure characteristic curve
 • Up and down ramps can be adjusted independently of each other