Rexroth Valve amplifier VT-VRPA

Products Mode: VT-VRPA1-527-10/VO/QV

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  VT-VRPA2 Valve amplifier for propotional directional valves stocks list Download
  REXROTH Valve amplifier for propotional directional valves VT-VRPA2 Download
Valve amplifier for proportional directional valves
▶ Diff erential input (±10 V)
▶ Four callable command value inputs (±10 V)
▶ Current input (4 … 20 mA)
▶ Inversion of the internal command value signal via 24 V input or jumper
▶ Selection of ramp time via quadrant recognition (24 V input) or ramp time call-ups (24 V inputs) with 
option T5
▶ Selection of the ramp time range via jumper
▶ Characteristic curve correction by means of separately adjustable step levels and maximum values
▶ Enable input
▶ "Ready for operation" output signal
▶ Switchable measuring socket with option T5
▶ Reverse polarity protection for the voltage supply
▶ Power supply with DC/DC converter without raised zero point