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Place of Origin: DE

The SIMATIC S7-300 is a versatile solution that excels in driving innovation in manufacturing processes. he SIMATIC S7-300 is highly suitable for deployment in various sectors such as plastics processing, packaging, food and beverage, as well as process engineering.

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A hierarchical CPU family with an extremely wide performance range is available for configuring the controller.

The product range includes 7 standard CPUs,

7 compact CPUs, 5 fail-safe CPUs and 3 technology CPUs.

Existing CPUs are only 40mm wide

The SIMATIC S7-300 is part of our Totally Integrated Automation design and is the most sold controller.

Scope of applications

  • In the first instance, the SIMATIC S7-300 is used for innovative system solutions in manufacturing processes, in particular for the automotive industry, mechanical engineering in general, in particular for special machine building and serial production (OEM) of machines, and Plastics processing, packaging industry, food and beverage industry and process engineering
  • As a versatile automation system, the S7-300 is the ideal solution for applications that require a flexible design for central and local configuration.
  • For special hardening requirements due to environmental conditions


Especially in post-processing technology, the S7-300 can be used in the following industries:

• Automotive industry

• General Mechanical Engineering

• Special machine building

• Series Mechanical Engineering, OEM

• Plastic processing

• Packaging industry

• Food and beverage industry

• Process engineering

• Fast counts/fairs with direct access to hardware counters

• Simple positioning and direct control of MICROMASTER frequency static drives

• PID-Regulation with integrated function blocks


• Due to the high processing speed, the CPU can achieve very short machine cycle times.

• S7-300 series CPUs can provide suitable solutions for various applications, customers only pay for the performance that is actually required for a specific task

• The S7-300 is built on a modular configuration without slot rules for I/O modules

• Existing rich modules for centralized configuration and distributed configuration with ET 200M.

• The integrated PROFINET interface enables simple networking of the controller and easy data exchange with other operational management levels

• The narrow module width enables compact module designs or small control cabinets.

• Ability to integrate powerful CPUs with Industrial Ethernet/PROFINET interfaces, integrated technology functions, or fail-safe design, thus avoiding additional investments.



The S7-300 enables space-saving and modular configuration. In addition to the modules, only a DIN mounting rail is required to hold the modules and rotate them into place.

This results in a robust and EMC-compatible design.

The ready-to-use backplane bus can be expanded by simply plugging in additional modules and bus connectors. The extensive range of the S7-300 series can be used both for central expansion and for building distributed structures with ET 200M; thus enabling cost-effective spare parts control.

Expansion options

If the automation task requires more than 8 modules, the central controller (CC) of the S7-300 can be expanded using expansion units (EU). There can be a maximum of 32 modules on the center shelf, with a maximum of 8 on each expansion unit. An interface module (IM) can handle the communication between the various racks simultaneously. CC/EU can also be installed at long distances from each other (up to 10m) if the plant covers a wide area.

In a single-level structure, this enables a maximum configuration of 256 I/Os, and in a multi-level structure up to 1024 I/Os. In a distributed configuration with PROFIBUS DP, there can be 65536 I/O connections (up to 125 stations, eg ET200M via IM153). Slots are freely addressable, so slot rules are not required.

The wide variety of S7-300 modules can also be used in distributed automation solutions.

The ET 200M I/O system with the same structure as the S7-300 can be connected not only to PROFIBUS but also to PROFINET via interface modules.


SIMATIC S7-300 Series Item Numbers:      
6ES7312-1AE14-0AB0 6ES7314-6CF02-0AB0 6ES7321-1FH00-0AA0 6ES7331-7NF10-0AB0 6ES7350-2AH00-0AE0
6ES7312-1AE13-0AB0 6ES7314-6CG03-0AB0 6ES7321-7BH01-0AB0 6ES7331-7PF00-0AB0 6ES7350-2AH01-0AE0
6ES7312-1AE13-4AB0 6ES7315-1AF00-0AB0 6ES7321-7RD00-0AB0 6ES7331-7PF01-0AB0 6ES7351-1AH01-0AE0
6ES7312-5AC00-0AB0 6ES7315-1AF01-0AB0 6ES7321-7RD00-0AB0 6ES7331-7PF10-0AB0 6ES7352-1AH00-8AG0
6ES7312-5AC01-0AB0 6ES7315-1AF02-0AB0 6ES7321-7TH00-0AB0 6ES7331-7PF11-0AB0 6ES7352-1AH00-8BG0
6ES7312-5AC02-0AB0 6ES7315-1AF03-0AB0 6ES7322-1BF01-0AA0 6ES7331-7RD00-0AB0 6ES7352-1AH00-8CG0
6ES7312-5AC81-0AB0 6ES7315-2AF00-0AB0 6ES7322-1BH01-0AA0 6ES7331-7SF00-0AB0 6ES7352-1AH00-8EG0
6ES7312-5AC82-0AB0 6ES7315-2AF01-0AB0 6ES7322-1BH10-0AA0 6ES7331-7TB00-0AB0 6ES7352-1AH01-0AE0
6ES7312-5BD00-0AB0 6ES7315-2AF02-0AB0 6ES7322-1BL00-0AA0 6ES7331-7TF00-0AB0 6ES7352-1AH02-0AE0
6ES7312-5BD00-4AB0 6ES7315-2AF03-0AB0 6ES7322-1BP00-0AA0 6ES7331-7TF01-0AB0 6ES7352-5AH00-0AE0
6ES7312-5BD00-4BB0 6ES7315-2AF82-0AB0 6ES7322-1BP50-0AA0 6ES7332-5HB01-0AB0 6ES7352-5AH00-7XG0
6ES7312-5BD01-0AB0 6ES7315-2AF83-0AB0 6ES7322-1CF00-0AA0 6ES7332-5HD01-0AB0 6ES7352-5AH10-0AE0
6ES7312-5BE03-0AB0 6ES7315-2AG10-0AB0 6ES7322-1EH01-0AA0 6ES7332-5HF00-0AB0 6ES7353-1AH01-0AE0
6ES7313-1AD00-0AB0 6ES7315-2EG10-0AB0 6ES7322-1FF01-0AA0 6ES7332-5RD00-0AB0 6ES7355-0VH10-0AE0
6ES7313-1AD01-0AB0 6ES7315-2EH13-0AB0 6ES7322-1FH00-0AA0 6ES7332-5TB00-0AB0 6ES7355-1VH10-0AE0
6ES7313-1AD02-0AB0 6ES7315-2FH10-0AB0 6ES7322-1FL00-0AA0 6ES7332-7ND01-0AB0 6ES7355-2CH00-0AE0
6ES7313-1AD03-0AB0 6ES7315-2FH13-0AB0 6ES7322-1HF01-0AA0 6ES7332-7ND02-0AB0 6ES7355-2SH00-0AE0
6ES7313-5BE00-0AB0 6ES7315-2FH14-4AB1 6ES7322-1HF10-0AA0 6ES7332-8TF00-0AB0 6ES7360-3AA01-0AA0
6ES7313-5BE01-0AB0 6ES7315-6FF00-0AB0 6ES7322-1HF20-0AA0 6ES7332-8TF01-0AB0 6ES7361-3CA01-0AA0
6ES7313-5BF03-0AB0 6ES7315-6FF01-0AB0 6ES7322-1HH00-0AA0 6ES7334-0CE01-0AA0 6ES7365-0BA01-0AA0
6ES7313-6BE00-0AB0 6ES7315-6TG10-0AB0 6ES7322-1HH01-0AA0 6ES7334-0KE00-0AB0 6ES7365-0BA81-0AA0
6ES7313-6BE01-0AB0 6ES7315-6TH13-0AB0 6ES7322-5FF00-0AB0 6ES7336-1HE00-0AB0 6ES7368-3BB01-0AA0
6ES7313-6BF03-0AB0 6ES7316-1AG00-0AB0 6ES7322-5GH00-0AB0 6ES7336-4GE00-0AB0 6ES7368-3BC51-0AA0
6ES7313-6CE00-0AB0 6ES7316-2AG00-0AB0 6ES7322-5HF00-0AB0 6ES7338-4BC00-0AB0 6ES7368-3BF01-0AA0
6ES7313-6CE01-0AB0 6ES7317-2AJ10-0AB0 6ES7322-5RD00-0AB0 6ES7338-4BC01-0AB0 6ES7368-3CB01-0AA0
6ES7313-6CF03-0AB0 6ES7317-2EJ10-0AB0 6ES7322-5SD00-0AB0 6ES7338-7XF00-0AB0 6ES7370-0AA01-0AA0
6ES7314-1AE01-0AB0 6ES7317-2EK13-0AB0 6ES7322-8BF00-0AB0 6ES7340-1AH01-0AE0 6ES7374-2XH01-0AA0
6ES7314-1AE02-0AB0 6ES7317-2FJ10-0AB0 6ES7322-8BH00-0AB0 6ES7340-1AH02-0AE0 6ES7390-0AA00-0AA0
6ES7314-1AE03-0AB0 6ES7317-2FK13-0AB0 6ES7322-8BH01-0AB0 6ES7340-1BH00-0AE0 6ES7390-1AB60-0AA0
6ES7314-1AE04-0AB0 6ES7317-6FF00-0AB0 6ES7323-1BH01-0AA0 6ES7340-1BH02-0AE0 6ES7390-1AE80-0AA0
6ES7314-1AE83-0AB0 6ES7317-6FF03-0AB0 6ES7323-1BL00-0AA0 6ES7340-1CH00-0AE0 6ES7390-1AF30-0AA0
6ES7314-1AE84-0AB0 6ES7317-6TJ10-0AB0 6ES7326-1BK00-0AB0 6ES7340-1CH02-0AE0 6ES7390-1AF85-0AA0
6ES7314-1AF10-0AB0 6ES7317-6TK13-0AB0 6ES7326-1BK01-0AB0 6ES7341-1AH00-8AA0 6ES7390-1AJ30-0AA0
6ES7314-1AF11-0AB0 6ES7318-2AJ00-0AB0 6ES7326-1RF00-0AB0 6ES7341-1AH00-8BA0 6ES7390-1AJ85-0AA0
6ES7314-1AG13-0AB0 6ES7318-3EL00-0AB0 6ES7326-2BF00-0AB0 6ES7341-1AH00-8CA0 6ES7390-1BC00-0AA0
6ES7314-5AE00-0AB0 6ES7318-3FL00-0AB0 6ES7326-2BF01-0AB0 6ES7341-1AH00-8EA0 6ES7390-5AA00-0AA0
6ES7314-5AE01-0AB0 6ES7321-1BH02-0AA0 6ES7326-2BF40-0AB0 6ES7341-1AH01-0AE0 6ES7390-5AB00-0AA0
6ES7314-5AE02-0AB0 6ES7321-1BH10-0AA0 6ES7326-2FS00-4AB1 6ES7341-1BH01-0AE0 6ES7390-5BA00-0AA0
6ES7314-5AE03-0AB0 6ES7321-1BH50-0AA0 6ES7327-1BH00-0AB0 6ES7341-1CH01-0AE0 6ES7390-5CA00-0AA0
6ES7314-5AE10-0AB0 6ES7321-1BL00-0AA0 6ES7328-0AA00-7AA0 6ES7350-1AH00-0AE0 6ES7391-1AA00-0AA0
6ES7314-5AE83-0AB0 6ES7321-1BP00-0AA0 6ES7331-1KF00-0AB0 6ES7350-1AH00-8AG0 6ES7392-1AJ00-0AA0
6ES7314-6BF00-0AB0 6ES7321-1CH00-0AA0 6ES7331-1KF01-0AB0 6ES7350-1AH00-8BG0 6ES7392-1AJ00-1AB0
6ES7314-6BF01-0AB0 6ES7321-1CH20-0AA0 6ES7331-7HF00-0AB0 6ES7350-1AH00-8CG0 6ES7392-1AJ20-0AA0
6ES7314-6BF02-0AB0 6ES7321-1EH01-0AA0 6ES7331-7HF01-0AB0 6ES7350-1AH00-8EG0 6ES7392-1AM00-0AA0
6ES7314-6BG03-0AB0 6ES7321-1EL00-0AA0 6ES7331-7KB02-0AB0 6ES7350-1AH01-0AE0 6ES7392-1AM00-1AB0
6ES7314-6CF00-0AB0 6ES7321-1FF01-0AA0 6ES7331-7KF02-0AB0 6ES7350-1AH02-0AE0 6ES7392-1AN00-0AA0
6ES7314-6CF01-0AB0 6ES7321-1FF10-0AA0 6ES7331-7NF00-0AB0 6ES7350-1AH03-0AE0 6ES7392-1BJ00-0AA0
6ES7392-1BJ00-1AB0 6ES7392-2CX10-0AA0 6ES7392-2BX10-0AA0 6ES7392-4BB00-0AA0 6ES7393-4AA10-0AA0
6ES7392-1BM01-0AA0 6ES7392-2DX00-0AA0 6ES7392-2CX00-0AA0 6ES7392-4BC50-0AA0 6ES7398-8EA00-8AA0
6ES7392-1BM01-1AB0 6ES7392-2DX10-0AA0 6ES7393-4AA00-0AA0 6ES7392-4BF00-0AA0 6ES7398-8EA00-8BA0
6ES7392-1BN00-0AA0 6ES7392-2XX00-0AA0 6ES7392-2AX10-0AA0 6ES7392-2XY10-0AA0 6ES7398-8EA00-8CA0
6ES7392-1CJ00-0AA0 6ES7392-2XX10-0AA0 6ES7392-2BX00-0AA0 6ES7392-2XY20-0AA0 6ES7398-8EA00-8DA0
6ES7392-1CM00-0AA0 6ES7392-2XX20-0AA0 6ES7398-8FA10-8EA0 6ES7398-8FA10-8BA0 6ES7398-8EA00-8EA0
6ES7392-2AX00-0AA0 6ES7392-2XY00-0AA0 6ES7398-8FA10-8DA0 6ES7398-8FA10-8CA0 6ES7398-8FA10-8AA0