Jan 15, 2024

How to Clean Hydraulic Valves: A Comprehensive Guide

A comprehensive hydraulic system comprises various types of hydraulic valves, including directional valves, relief valves, and reducing valves. Maintaining and cleaning these hydraulic valves is essential for ensuring optimal system performance. Below, we'll guide you through the steps to effectively clean hydraulic valves.

Cleaning Process for Hydraulic Valves:

  1. Disassembly:

    • Before disassembling, understand that hydraulic valves are designed for non-disassembly.
    • If disassembly is necessary, ensure maintenance personnel are equipped with the expertise.
    • Master the connection between various parts and record their locations before disassembling.
  2. Inspection and Cleaning:

    • Examine the valve body, valve spool, and other components for dirt deposits.
    • Use brushes, cotton yarn, and non-metallic scrapers to remove dirt without causing surface damage.
  3. Normal Cleaning:

    • Place the valve spool and valve body in a cleaning box tray.
    • Heat soak and ventilate compressed air into the bottom of the cleaning tank.
    • Utilize bubbles generated by stirring to clean off residual dirt.
    • Consider ultrasonic cleaning if conditions permit.
  4. Intensive Washing:

    • Perform high-pressure positioning cleaning followed by drying with hot air.
    • Optionally use a freshener or organic cleaning agents like gasoline and diesel fuel in specific circumstances.
  5. Reassembly:

    • Refer to the schematic of the hydraulic valve or the recorded assembly relationship during disassembly.
    • Exercise careful operation during assembly to prevent damage to parts.
    • Occasionally replace original sealing materials that may have been damaged during disassembly.

After prolonged use, hydraulic valves may experience failures, impacting the overall performance of the hydraulic system. It is crucial to employ a scientific and rational approach to repair hydraulic valve failures, ensuring the continued normal operation of hydraulic equipment.

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