Jul 14, 2023
What is tailor made Encoder module kits?
The tailor made encoder module consists of two separate components, namely the encoder code and the read-head module. In contrast to the enclosed integral encoders, this form of the encoder has the following characteristics:
1. no friction arising from mechanical contact between the redhead and the rotating parts and no starting torque requirement;
2. high repeatability due to the fact that the code disc and the equipment shaft can be considered as a single unit;
3. flexible installation and compact axial dimensions, allowing a high degree of integration into the application product and reducing space occupation;
4. cost advantage over integral encoders with the same technical requirements due to the simplification of a large number of mechanical drive components;
5. high requirements for the assembly process of the application, the final accuracy is decisively influenced by the commissioning of the application assembly;
6. no integral housing, additional protection has to be provided for the application;
7. The extremely simple mechanical construction ensures that long periods of operation are free from oil, metal and seal debris, etc. Ideal for high cleanliness and high vacuum zero gravity environments.
The encoders modules are characterised by their flexible mounting, customizable and compact construction, and repeatability:
1. Machine tool electric spindles:
Split modular encoders can be used to control machine tool electric spindles, due to their simple mechanical construction and the possibility of achieve a larger installation size at a lower cost, so it is commonly used in the design and production of high speed and high precision spindle products. The modular encoders are used in the design and production of high-speed and high-precision spindles.
2. Direct drive motors for robot joints:
Split modular encoders can be used for robot control of motion axes, such as the robot's articulated axes, the servo motors, etc., to improve the robot's positioning accuracy and movement speed. The high accuracy of the servo positioning feedback data for the robot to perform more complex motion and control algorithms and provide powerful motion feedback data for the robot to perform more complex motion and control algorithms and implement more functions.
3. Medical and aerospace applications:
The split angle encoders, due to their simple mechanical construction simple mechanical construction, no mechanical transmission parts to the mounting shaft, no The split angle encoder is very suitable for applications where the working environment is The cleanliness of the working environment is very important (due to the absence of bearings, etc.). (due to the absence of bearings and other components, the product itself does not generate wear debris) or where work must be carried out in a high vacuum environment (no lubricant is required). In a high vacuum environment (where no lubricant is required). in medical equipment, aerospace equipment, and electronic processing equipment.
With the combination of artificial intelligence and mechanical design in the future, the advantages of split encoders will also become more and more prominent.

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