Rexroth Proportional directional valve 4WRKE

Products Mode: 4WREE6W32-2X/G24K31/A1V

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Rexroth Proportional directional valve 4WRKE

Rexroth Proportional directional valve 4WRKE, pilot operated, with electrical position feedback and integrated electronics 

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 -Pilot operated 2-stage proportional directional valve with electrical position feedback of the main control spool and integrated electronics (OBE)

– Control of flow direction and size of a flow

– Operation by means of proportional solenoids

– Subplate mounting:Porting pattern according to ISO 4401

– Electrical position feedback

– Spring-centered main control spool

– Pilot control valve:Single-stage proportional directional valve

– Main stage with position control


Technical Data, pls see attached PDF data sheet.

Rexroth proportional valve has one advantage: dynamic performance is the highest of all hydraulic valves. With this advantage, servo valves have to be used in many occasions that require high dynamic characteristics, such as the steering gear control of airplanes and rockets, and the speed regulation of steam turbines. Those with lower dynamic requirements are basically the world of proportional valves.